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August 29th, 2012 at 8:26 pm

WHOO thought I'd post this collab between @Arcana and myself because I really like it a whoooole lot omg
I did the sketch and colored the lines and did little finishing things like that and the oval behind her
she did the lines, flats, and shading. and she made it look so good ahhhh
It's a pic of my MLP OC, Cloud Nine lol
hope you don't mind me posting this, @Arcana!

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@13eyes thanks so much!!! yeah Cloud Nine's a cutie, she's got sunset mane/tail UwU

@Eminem thanks! @Arcana chose really great hues for this piece

@Snapdragon blush thank you! ;~; Cloud Nine can be either super muted or saturated, and @Arcana always does such a great job with making her look bright without being overbearing
This is so cute!
Beautiful colors, they make my eyes happy!
nice composition
This is an absolutely gorgeous color palette you have here! You're stunning at coloring. uvu
That's the best collab I've seen so far. You guys did a great job together to make one seamless piece.

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6,086 Members
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New User: Vladimirxyc