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Rita and Mew iScribble: Swimsuit Edition
July 1st, 2013 at 4:18 am

So @Lynxogirl and I went on iScribble and started drawing babes in bikinis.
Or rather, I drew one girl in a bikini.
Okay, technichally it's not a bikini top.

Characters from left to right:
Nightlight, 420, Talys, Carmen (Above), Moira (Below)

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lmao I honeslty didn't notice until you pointed it out that only one of them was in a bikini

I really like Talys here And Moira's braid, hee.
shhh don't tell anyone her braid's just a squiggly line

Also Talys is SUPER MANLY.

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6,086 Members
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New User: Vladimirxyc