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Pixel Wolfy
June 23rd, 2015 at 12:09 pm

A lil pixel thing I did ouo
I don't know much about wolf/dog anatomy yet but I'm learning so all criticism is appreciated!
(my first pixel art)
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It's a really nice job, considering you don't know much on canine anatomy. I'd suggest trying to make the muzzle a little longer, considering a canines' muzzle is larger and less flat in comparison to a felines'. Over all, I think it's good.
I don't really know much on canine anatomy either, but I love how you're experimenting with new things that are new to you. In a way, you're much like me for doing this.

All I can really suggest is make the ears more sharper (maybe?) and perhaps make the legs more slender? Unless I'm thinking of another animal's anatomy... >.<"

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6,077 Members
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New User: Lesliefluok