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July 21st, 2015 at 1:46 pm

i did this while taking a shitty test to get my permit so i didnt fall asleep during it

peridot is so cute!! shes also my birthstone

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Hehe, so cute! ^ 3^
ughhh I love your pixels so much ;A; I love how you drew her hair! (Peridot's my birthstone, too She's so precious and whiny.)
@KittehCatButts thank you!!!

@Lynxogirl omg that means a lot to hear thanks! it's always hard deciding on how to stylize them. i had a pixel of her i did before where her hair was more accurate to the show and i didnt like it as much omg
o/ for august birthdays!!

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6,077 Members
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New User: Lesliefluok