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Oops my hand slipped
August 7th, 2015 at 4:56 pm

So with having finally done Nido's design I figured it was appropriate to redo his wife's design as well. So I present to you, Anadessa

I think I accidentally made a new species of animal.
One were the males are based off of maned wolves, tall, agile, and hunters while the females are large, bulky and possess brute strength - based off of lions - for protecting the young and keeping their territory for themselves.

I've decided they are not really pack creatures that raise their young until they can fend for themselves before forcing them out on their own to find territory of their own. Especially females for they are very aggressive and territorial over their lands and at times are challenged by their own young for their lands. Because of this most pairs - which are mated for life - tend to have small litters with a very little chance of female surviving kits.

That's all I got so far on them. Don't even have a name yet. haha

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6,077 Members
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New User: Lesliefluok