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art dump o' misc stuff
April 27th, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Art dump over heeeere

Bunch of doodles from the last few months. Various chars of mine.. my Animal Crossing chars (Junko, Miruko, Mai and Terpsi).. me and @Rita's AC chars as Pokemon (Mimikyu!Junko, Swanna!Odette, Spinda!Miruko, Gardevoir!Terpsi, Bellossom!Mai, Roserade!Eros, Brionne!Meena.. Junko is seperate from the others since she doesn't know them, lol).. redraw of this Mai/Eros kid I drew a few years ago.. some Adventure Time fanart.. me and Rita's gem fusion, Golden Rutilated Quartz (her hair cuts off weirdly because it ran into another pic).. a Pokemon Fusion (of this glorious thing I rolled up the the other day. so beautiful.).. my fursona-thing w/ Rita's char.. etc etc. Ask if you're curious about anything in particular, I guess? -shrug-

(should prolly go without saying at this point, buuut since these were all quick doodles for fun and such, no crits, please~ )

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I remember seeing your art all the time back in the day! You have really improved your figures and clothing. Cute stuff in here! I luv Miruko's little hat.
@Senseret aaa thank you! that means a lot to me :>

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New User: Vladimirxyc