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lounging around
May 5th, 2017 at 7:44 am

lmao sry about the dimensions you'll have to expand to see her face

my bb Amarga

im luv her

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omg you made the kangur mane her hair!!!!!!!! I love that!!!
@Caspian tysm! i try to incorporate the official designs' "markers" as best i can. im not very creative so im relieved and happy to hear positive feedback about it! aaa again, thank you so much!
aaa I love this I like her hair in particular. and those haaands aaaaa
@Lynxogirl tysm! im happy to hear ppl r digging the hair. :3
i felt like i didn't do a great job on the hands so tysm for the encouragement! it means a lot to me!

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6,077 Members
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New User: Lesliefluok