What is Acitius?
Acitius is a fun and unique virtual pet site where you can create and raise pets.

Ice Phinite: Pick me!

Earn AP to buy toys and food for your pet, send them out on dates, and change their appearances and color using enchanted items! If you equip them for battle, you can even have them fight in the arena.

Acitius tends to be different from other petsites, because we place a strong emphasis on the community of the site. Our forums mean a lot to us and we even have an Online Artist for members to upload and critique artwork! The best way to play is to get integrated!

FAQ Quickjump:

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Where can I create a pet? How do I take care of them?
Pets can be created through the Create Pet page. After you have created a new friend, you can monitor their happiness and hunger through the Pets page. Take care to keep your pets fully happy and satiated, as hungry pets are not interested in dating or fighting in the arena, and unhappy pets tend to ruin relationships.

Food and toys can be purchased from a variety of Shops that are owned and operated by inhabitants of our lovely kingdom. After stocking up, head over to your Inventory to feed and play with your pets!

How do I change my pet's gender?
When you create a pet, you have the option of making it non-binary, male, female, or genderfluid. To change their gender, you will need to obtain a Male Goop Sack, Female Goop Sack, Flip Goop Sack, Genderfluid Goop Sack or Non-Binary Goop Sack. You can get all of the goop sacks as prizes from What's Behind the Curtain or you can do an item search to see if a user has one in stock. It is important to note that the Flip Goop Sack functions based on your pet's current gender! So a non-binary pet will turn genderfluid (and vice versa), while a male pet will turn female (and vice versa). After you have a goop sack, go to your Inventory, click on the goop sack, and pick which pet you want to genderize!

Pick a color, any color...

How do I change my pet's appearance?
The look of your pet can be changed by using enchanted items. A list of enchantments can be seen here. A few enchanted items can be purchased in Aethelia's Magic & Potions – though certain enchantments are only available there at certain times of the year! Others, like the elemental orbs, can also be crafted through Cooking. There are also a few enchantments that can only be unlocked through special, secret means! You can always try searching for enchanted item in a user's shop by doing an item search.

In addition to giving your pet an enchantment, you can also change their color using the Gamma Machine. The Gamma Machine will let you adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of the pet's current enchantment. If you don't know what those three things are, that's okay - you can play around with the sliders and see what you come up with! Once you get a color combo you like, you can set the combo by using a Gamma Potion or Gamma Orb. If you choose to use a Gamma Potion, it will remove one of the Gamma Potions from your inventory, but you will be able to swap in and out of that combo using your pet's Enchantment page. Gamma Orbs will let you use the Gamma Machine an unlimited amount of times, but the combos you set using one will not remain on the pet's Enchantment page - if you change out of that combo, you will have to use the Gamma Machine again in order to come back to it!

While your pet can only exhibit the effects of one enchantment at a time, they can in fact "remember" all the enchantments used on them, so it is easy to switch between them if you so desire! You can access all the different color and enchantment combinations you have saved through your pet's enchantment tab (the little pink potion below the check box on the pet screen!).

What do those icons under my pet's name all do? What do those icons under my pet's name all do?
Click here to access your pet's profile! Through this, you can change the color of your pet's name (if you've bought the custom username/pet name perk), hide equipment, augments, foods eaten, and presents, and disable profile experience gains and BFF requests. This is also where you can give your pets a nice little description. Remember to use HTML!
This is where you can check the current enchantments unlocked on your pet and any gamma colors you have created for them. You can also enchant a pet through this page! To set your pet's new enchantment as their default, be sure to press "set" after unlocking.
This will take you to your pet's equipment page! Through this page, you can set your pet's class (more on that later!), assign hotkeys to their abilities (press a hotkey to assign the ability, by the way), assign them weapons/armor from your armory (after being sure that you've sent the item to the armory, click on the space above the specification to assign it!), and manage their equipped potions.

The name of someone's pet is bolded on their profile! What does that mean?
It just means that pet has a description you can read by clicking on them. Pets without bolded names won't have anything on their profile, but you can always click them anyway to give them a visit!

Why can't I adopt a certain pet?
Some pets are only available once a year. These pets, specifically the anishor and seregan, are only available during their respective holidays: the Sand Castle Carnival and Firebird Festival.

Seregan: I'm the rarest of them all!

Other pets are restricted, or, to be put more aptly, donation only pets. To get one of these, you must buy their potion, such as a Lucan Potion, from The Top Hat (using WSG) or from another user's shop through the item search.

Once you've bought the potion, you can use it to morph one of your existing pets into a new, fancy form!

How can I change my pet into a different species?
There are currently two ways to change your pet's species. To change your pet into any unlimited or limited species, use a Mystic Potion, available at The Top Hat. To change your pet into a restricted species, use the appropriate morphing potion, also available at The Top Hat.

How does dating work?
First, your pet must be well fed and played with. Then, post a dating ad - this will let you describe what kind of partner your pet is looking for! Once the ad is posted, you can browse other ads, apply to those, or wait until someone applies to your own. If both of their owners accept, two pets start dating! You can also have two of your own pets date each other.

When two pets are dating, they will automatically do things together that will benefit, worsen, or not affect their relationship at all. You can help them along by writing poems for and sending presents to your pet's partner. Each gift can only be sent once, and poems only have an effect every 2 hours. At a certain point, they will be able to become engaged, and after that, they can get married! You can check their progress towards this by looking at how full the bar below their current status is.

If you think the relationship isn't working out, you can break it up. A word of caution: items given as gifts from previous relationships cannot be received again.

How do I get rid of one of my pets?
Aww, I'm sorry to hear that you want to do that! Well, it's easy! You can drop your pet off in The Woods. Remember, by doing this your pet will be deleted, and without the use of the Pet Restoration service offered by the Webshop, you will never get it back! Be absolutely sure that you want to get rid of them before you do anything rash.

Alternatively, you can sell your pet to other users through the Pet Sales.

How do I sell a pet?
In order to sell a pet, go to the Sales tab on your Pets page. You will need to use the Gamma Machine once (it's free the first time!) before you are able to put up a pet for sale. Pick the pet you want to sell, and from there, specify how much you are asking for it and whether it will be a private sale that only users you invite will be able to see. A small percentage of your asking fee will be immediately deducted from your account, and will not be refunded. Remember - once a pet is sold, the sale is final!

I'm poor! How do I make money?
Acitius' official currency is called AP. AP can be earned through playing games, posting in the forums (25 AP for every post made every 15 minutes), or by selling items in your shop. You can also earn AP through earning Achievements.

What are Achievements?
Achievements on Acitius work just like those on your new-fangled gaming systems. You work towards a certain goal, and earn points based on how many you complete and how extravagant the achievement you complete is considered to be. Each achievement awards a small amount of AP per day (awarded every day at 12:00 AM AST time) which, once stacked with other achievements, can really start to add up!

Additionally, there are such things as Megachievements, which are comparatively harder than regular ones and award more AP a day. They also have a fancy border! Pretty.

Unlock them all!

A complete list of all achievements can be found in the tab! The ones at the top are the ones you've completed, while the bottom lists all you have yet to complete.

If that's AP... then what the hey is WSG?
WSG stands for Webshop Gold. It is Acitius' official donation currency. WSG can be purchased using PayPal through this page. Alternatively, you can purchase WSG using AP or other items through trading, auctions and user shops. Once you have purchased your WSG, you can buy extra features or check out what The Top Hat has to offer. This is the only way to get neat perks like chaning the names of your pets, an autopricer for your shop, and more!

How do I get more items?
Most of the items you will need will have to be bought from NPC shops or user shops using AP. Go to someone's shop and click on an item. A pop-up will ask you if you want to buy it. If you click yes, and you have enough AP, you'll buy the item! However, if someone is quicker than you, there's a chance it might not be there by the time you click to buy it, in which case you won't be able to purchase it . Your AP will not be deducted if that happens.

If a user stocks more than one of the same item, you can buy more than one of them by clicking the blue number next to "in stock". Specify the number of items you want to buy, then proceed normally.

If you can't find an item in a shop, you can use the item search. This is a useful tool that will tell you if it is stocking anywhere at the moment, and what price it is going for. The item search displays anywhere an item can be found (including auctions and trades!), as well as the estimated user price, so you can tell whether or not you're overpaying. You can also use the item search to learn more about the different categories of items.

What is Augmenting and what does it do?
Augmenting allows you to take the different pieces of equipment you own and make them stronger. You will need a piece of equipment, an enchanting item like an Orb, and a set sum of AP before you can augment an item. Each time you augment an item, it will gain a random set of bonuses depending on which enchanting item you use. Be warned: you will not get the invested AP back, and the enchanting items you use have a chance of breaking - meaning you lose them forever! If a piece of equipment you want to augment doesn't show up, don't worry! You probably need to increase your Augmenting level, as you can only augment items that are equal to or less than your Augmenting level. Augment some other equips, and upon leveling up, you'll unlock more items for you to augment. Keep at it until the ones you want to improve appear!

What's Cooking?
Cooking is one of the more useful features of the site if your aim is to bulk up your pet's level. Through Cooking, you'll be able to create unique foods that give a lot of Experience and recover high amounts of HP and MP. Work your way up enough, and you'll even be able to create enchantments, like Legacy Potions and Elemental Orbs, from it!

Just click on "Cooking" in the "My Stuff" tab to get started!

What are Regimens for?
Regimens are level-dependent "quests" for cooking, in which you're assigned to create three random dishes at or below your level. By completing Regimens, you gain a boosted amount of experience from those dishes (it increases with level!), and also earn Regimen Points. Spend these points at Regimen Heaven in order to buy rare cooking items (to create some of those pesky high level dishes!), rewards, supplements, or (for the daring!) save up to buy Megachievement: Regiman!

You can only complete a Regimen once per twenty-four hours, though there are ways to reduce that time through cooking abilities.

How do you fight in the Arena?
You can either challenge another user in a Player versus Player match, fight NPCs in different locations through the Explore page, or challenge special opponents in the Colosseum. Once the fight has started, you battle using your pets equipped items and abilities. Use your pet's special skills in order to emerge victorious!

Once combat starts, you can't feed or heal the pets in battle until it's over. That would be cheating! If you're in a fight you know you can't win, you can click Abandon Battle to get yourself out of it. This will set all the participating pets' HP to 0, though, so pick your fights wisely!

What do the different classes mean? How do they work?
Different classes play different roles in combat. Warriors are frontline fighters and focus on physical prowess. Rogues are a physical class that use sneaky tactics. Sorcerers are an offensive magical class, while Clerics support their comrades by healing and buffing them.

You must choose a class for your pet, even if you don't want to participate in the Arena.

How do my pets gain levels?
Pets must gain experience before they go up in level. Pets can gain experience in three ways: by battling in the arena against NPCs (battles against other pets will not yield experience!), by eating the fine cuisine of the Kingdom, and by having Gems used on them!

After winning in a battle against an NPC, all pets that participated in the fight will receive experience points. The total amount of experience from the fight will be split among the participants - so, the fewer pets in the battle, the more experience points they will gain. In addition, a pet with a lower level will gain more experience from an opponent than a pet with higher level. Once a pet is five levels above their opponent, experience stops being given for an enemy. You're overleveled - go fight something else!

Every food item gives a certain amount of experience. You can check the amount of experience it will give you by looking at how much MP it will restore upon eating. This should give you an approximate idea of how much experience it will give your pet (this can change due to augments and other modifiers). Any specific food can only be used for experience once per pet - so, if you want your pet to be a regular powerhouse, they're going to also have to be a pretty good chowhound! To check what foods your pet has already eaten, check their page and click "foods eaten." Alternatively, you can just try to feed your pet. If your pet's image has a blue box around it, that food yields experience!

Gems are items that can be used on your pets to give them experience. Each Gem has its own level, and gives optimal experience to pets of the same level and below. Your pets will still get experience from gems of a level lower than they are, but in decreasing amounts as they level. Gems can be obtained through the arena, fishing, random events, and the Dumpster.

What does Extermination do (and what are Crystals?)
Before you can participate in Exterminations, you need to help Roscoe out and let him know you're capable of handling yourself in combat. Afterwards, you can accept an Extermination mission every 3 hours. Exterminations ask you to defeat a certain number of opponents within an hour. If you complete the task and report back to Roscoe, you'll receive some AP and a chance to get Crystals for your efforts. Crystals are a special currency that allows you to challenge special, tougher opponents in the Colosseum.

What's Fishing?
Through fishing, you can use your fishing rod and bait to catch unique fish and items! You may get lucky and fish up a Gem! ... Or junk.

To fish, you must first select the area you wish to fish in from the dropdown menu. After, you can select the fishing rod and bait you'd like to use by clicking on the rod or bait image. These items must be in your inventory for you to use them.

When a fish bites, the link to the Fishing page will be bolded. It isn't over yet, though - you still have to win a battle with your fish! On the fishing page you'll see the silhouette of a monstrous fish, and beside that three options for you to choose from: Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. If you win your turn, the health bar of the fish will go down. However, if you lose the turn, it'll be your health bar that goes down. You'll catch the fish once you get its health bar down to zero. Be careful, though: if the fish beats you, there's a chance that your rod could break!

There are several types of bait for you to choose from. Some fish are even drawn to certain bait. Additionally, there are a few different rods. The stronger your rod, the less chances there are of it breaking. If your rod does break, you can repair it with crystals through Cooking.

How do I use the Gardening feature?
With Gardening you can grow your own food! Plant seeds (and other items) to grow some interesting things! To plant something, click on an empty patch of soil. In the box that pops up, select the item you wish to plant. You'll need to water your plants twice a day to help them grow strong. Check back every day to see how your plants are doing!

There are some secret combinations of items you can use to make hybrids. There's a rumor that if you purchase Gardening Support for 1,000 AP per day, it may increase your odds of getting a hybrid!

I found a bubble with a red exclamation point in it! What's that?
If you click that bubble, you'll unlock a quest! Quests are ways for you to interact with and help the citizens of the kingdom while earning neat prizes. The red exclamation point will also indicate when you are ready to proceed to the next part of the quest. Click them whenever you find them!

I'm stuck on a quest and I don't know what to do next!
The wiki has quest guides for every quest! Click the appropriate quest page, and it will tell you everything you need to do.

What are Daily Quests?
Daily Quests give you small rewards for completing different daily activities around the site. Once you've done each activity the required number of times, you can claim your prize. You can also claim 1,000 AP for completing all of the daily acitivites!

How do I quick link to user profiles and pet profiles?
Linking to other users is simple to do! Just put an @ sign in front of their name, and it will make a quick link to the user, like so: @Brian.

Quicklinking a user "pings" them, which just means that they get an event telling them that someone posted about them. This makes it an easy way to bring a forum or news post to a user's attention! Just remember, pinging will not work if you link to a user in an edited post.

To link to a pet, just put a + sign in front of the pet's name. It'll come out looking like this: Acitius!

What kind of codes do the forums use?
The forums, as well as profiles, comments, and signatures, use HTML. There are also a few different emoticons you can use throughout the site!

I want a star! How can I get one?
Petaline occasionally rewards active and helpful users with a gold star forum icon. Staff members have gold star forum icons by default, and former staff members also retain their gold star icons. Staff members also have green or blue star icons after their username unless they have purchased a custom icon. You can also purchase the ability to set your own Custom Icon through the Webshop.

Some users have text under their names on the forums. What's that?
These are special titles the user has! These can be purchased from the Webshop, or rewarded for completing Collections.

What's the Online Artist?
Online Artist is where those of you who are artistically inclined can upload their work to be viewed by the community. Once your artwork is up, people can rate it (out of five -- but don't worry! if you don't want people to rate it, you can specify that) and leave critiques and comments by pressing View Art.

What's Aftermath Power?
Aftermath Power is a neat weekly community event, in which three objectives (different each week!) are set forth for the community to do. These objectives can include things based off of deleting items, playing games and many more activities. If the community as a whole is able to reach the goal of the objective, the site will have a up to three perks in place the following week. Check the Aftermath Power tab for more details!

What is the wiki?
The wiki is a great way to learn and share information about the site, its history and all sorts of fun trivia facts. It's worth a look!

What does it mean when I see "this username is available" on a user profile?
This means that this user has been inactive for over a year and that you can get take their username by using an amnesia potion. This notice will not appear if that person has been staff previously, if it's an NPC account, they have spent 5,000+ WSG, or they have received a Petaline star.

What does it mean when I see "this pet name is available" on a pet profile?
This means that this user has been inactive for over 6 months and that you can get take their pet name by using an dog tag.

Someone is breaking the rules! What should I do?
Read the rules first to make sure that they're really breaking the rules! If they are, alert a staff member!

"We'll help you!"

A list of the current staff members can be seen here, but check the users online page to make sure they will be ready to help you! Remember, only users with @ after their name are true members of staff. Staff members will NEVER ask you for your password!

Some users keep mentioning something called AMZ. What's that?
Before Acitius was called Acitius, it went by the name AfterMath Zone, or AMZ for short. You can read up on its history on the wiki!

Can I get my pets/AP/items, etc. back from the original site?
No. All the records from the old site are completely gone.