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September 23rd, 2017
Posted by:  Maybelline@

It’s officially the first second day of autumn everyone! I am excited that summer is finally over. I am not a fan of the oppressive heat and wicked high humidity. Cooler weather and the leaves changing colors are what I love best about this time of year. Not to mention there is only 37 days left to my favorite holiday… Halloween. Anyone else out there just love dressing up for the big day? My favorite costume of years past was my homemade candy corn costume… yes I really walked around as a giant sugary delight and it was awesome don’t judge.

I implore you to give this festive Enigma a try.

The answer to last week’s logic puzzle was @ELLIOTT@. Sorry friend you came in last place. There’s always next year!

6 people participated and 3 got it correct
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Posted by:  Tournament@

Has everyone finished their shrimp? Okay, let’s head on back for a new tournament!

Previously, we asked you to choose between two of the kingdom’s most beloved stories. It must have been a tough choice, and you all must be waiting for the answer; so I’m delighted to announce that the winner was Outer Space Nauwa!

No hard feelings towards Ballerina Mierra, of course, but who doesn’t want to be an astronaut?? And imagine… what if you were a ballerina in space? An excellent career path.

Coming up next are two choice appetizers. We are here to answer the age-old question… toast or crackers? Both have a nice crispy texture, but there is certainly room to have a preference.

So what’ll it be, Acitians? Bruschetta on Toast or Caviar on Crackers?
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September 18th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

10 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 26 lemons traded in, @Collette's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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September 16th, 2017
Posted by:  Tournament@

Has everyone finished their shrimp? Okay, let’s head on back for a new tournament!

Last week, we asked you which would win between Shrimp Dog and Shrimp Cocktail. Thanks to a rather large donation from a certain dodu, we are glad to announce that our winner is the one and only Shrimp Cocktail!

You can purchase one today at Club Diamond if you feel like putting your life savings all in one place, or you could probably just stick some shrimps onto a glass and call it a day.

Both of our next contestants make excellent gifts for people of all ages, despite what a few grumps might say. These are two of my personal favorite books, and they also happen to be two of my favorite toys as well!

Which would you rather receive? A copy of Ballerina Mierra, or one of Outer Space Nauwa?
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Another competition!?
Posted by:  Maybelline@

I have now uploaded the newest Enigma and I hope you all find it challenging and to your liking! I welcome any feedback as always on what you'd like to see and what you all don't. Also, even though you won't get anything special; if you'd like to make a guest appearance in Enigma just post below and I'll work you into one.

That's all I have folks!
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September 11th, 2017
Coastal Carnival Creative Contenders
Posted by:  Misty+

Aloha 'auinaa, Acitians! Are you tired of seeing me, yet? Well, don't despair, I've only got a few loose ends to tie up and then it'll be "a hui hou" until next year!

It took a little bit of coaxing to get him to leave his cave, but I managed to sit down with @Edvin+ and discuss the fantastic creative submissions we received for Coastal Carnival. Unfortunately, the big grump wouldn't come with me to announce the winners, but don't let that discourage you! Each and every one of your submissions was fantastic, and I want to personally thank you all for taking the time to create such beautiful poems, stories, and art.

However, there were some poets, authors, and artists who @Edvin+ and I felt stood above the rest. These individuals are...

Both @Edvin+ and I loved how each of your haiku told an entire story... ones which I know I relate to all too well!
I'll be sending you a Scroll of Mythos soon, so watch your inbox!

I loved all three of your poems so much that I can't pick a favorite! I'm actually a little jealous of your ability to bring emotions into your writing.
I'm going to send you a Legend of Kahuhu as thanks for your lovely work.

You managed to perfectly capture my thought process when I'm out on the water, scoping for the perfect wave to ride.
Look out for a Tome of Storms heading your way!

As soon as @Edvin+ saw your picture, his eyes lit up like a crystal cluster, and I think I might have even seen him blush! Both @Edvin+ and I agree that your picture is a lovely piece of art, worthy of being in any home in the kingdom.
I'll be sending you an artisan's paintbrush and a palette shield for making an old leodo smile!

That's all for the creative prizes! Thanks for your time, Acitius, and aloha until next year!
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Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

13 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 34 lemons traded in, @Brian@'s lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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September 9th, 2017
Posted by:  Tournament@

The latest event has come to a close, and here we are with a new tournament!

Warm weather and clear skies comes with beach fashion, and we decided to put some popular clothing items to the test. Despite how many people you see in Festive Sea Shirts around this time of year, most of them are on tourists, who are clearing out as the weather gets colder. The real natives know that the best thing you can wear on your beach trip is the Sexy Sarong!

Anybody can look fabulous in one, no matter who you are, so you should add one to your wardrobe.

People recently did a lot of fishing for some reason, and most of us have a lot of shrimp in our pantries now that went unused. There’s a lot of things to do with shrimp, and we have two recipes going head to head this week for your entertainment.

So what’ll it be? The Shrimp Dog, or the much fancier Shrimp Cocktail?
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September 7th, 2017
And the Winner is...
Posted by:  Misty+

Aloha, Acitius Kingdom!

It's been pretty intense between Team Anishor and Team Leodo as both teams fought tooth and nail to win the Coastal Carnival. I want to congratulate both teams on all the hard work they put in, and all the team work done on both sides. Seriously, you're all amazing! But sadly, only one team can win. And that team is...

Team Leodo!!!

All together, Team Leodo scored 3,298 points! That's insane! On the flip side, Team Anishor scored 2,731 points! Yeeouch, that one hurts a bit. But I'm a firm believer in good sportsmanship, so I extend a paw in congratulations to Team Leodo! Well done!

Here's a breakdown of points by category:

Anishors - 750 pts
Leodo - 640 pts

Anishors - 1483 pts
Leodo - 2063 pts

Lemon Lottery:
Anishors - 2 pts
Leodo - 2 pts

Creative Submissions:

Anishors - 28 pts
Leodo - 32 pts

Anishors - 16 pts
Leodo - 13 pts

Online Artist:
Anishors - 40 pts
Leodo - 30 pts

Short Stories:
Anishors - 15 pts
Leodo - 0 pts

Blaze Village Quests:
Anishors - 43 pts
Leodo - 30 pts

Extermination (Level 5):
Anishors - 28 pts
Leodo - 13 pts

Exterminations (Level 10):
Anishors - 94 pts
Leodo - 52 pts

Anishors - 208 pts
Leodo - 254 pts

Snogo Snowballs:
Anishors - 20 pts
Leodo - 168 pts

Way to go all who participated, and congratulations once again to Team Leodo for winning this year's Coastal Carnival! For information on prizes, please check out this post!
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Coastal Carnival 2017 Prizes
Posted by:  Misty+

You've been waiting, and here they are - prizes for all participants in this year's Coastal Carnival!

All players from Team Leodo will receive the following: the Coastal Carnival Trophy, and the Coastal Carnival Achievement!

All players from Team Anishor will receive the following: the Coastal Carnival Achievement!

All participants in the Coastal Carnival will be able to pick from the prize pool, with priority being given to members of Team Leodo. After that it's first come, first serve - so get there fast!

Prizes include Leodo Potion, food & books from both the Great Sea Migration and Coastal Carnival, and weapons. For a complete list of items in the participation pool, check out this thread.

Additionally, there will be prizes and special mentions given to top contributors, users who caught the most fish (not based on point value), and users who played the most games from both teams.

These are the users with the highest overall score from each team!

Gold: @Sarah (Team Anishor) and @BELOVED@ (Team Leodo)
You both win a Leodo Potion, Miracle Berries, and the It's a Secret! achievement*

Silver: @Monstateer (Team Anishor) and @Karena (Team Leodo)
You both win a Leodo Potion and the It's a Secret! achievement*

Bronze: @SkyMuffin (Team Anishor) and @Rat@ (Team Leodo)
You both win the It's a Secret achievement*

* Users who already have the achievement will receive 50,000 AP instead.

@Sarah (Team Anishor) and @BELOVED@ (Team Leodo)
You both win Message in a Bottle and Large Trout!

@Metalobo (Team Anishor) and @Karena (Team Leodo)
You both win an Anishor Plushie and Leodo Plushie!

Acitius Staff will be judging the creativity portion of the Coastal Carnival and awarding each winner accordingly at a later date.
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