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April 1st, 2015
Some Exciting News!
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Hey, Acitians!
You may have noticed that over the last year, Acitius has been somewhat on the slow side of things. The staff is well aware of this, and have been brainstorming behind the scenes for a few weeks now on ways to try and spice up the site. So, without further delay, I present to you our new plan of action: Let's Implement EVERYTHING!

Returning Features
The users have spoken and the staff have listened: Kids are returning to Acitius! As has been said, the Kids feature on old AMZ was somewhat clunky, and would not transition well to the new site. Staff are currently in the process of totally overhauling the feature into something new, fun, and creative. Instead of pets having to undergo rigorous lessons in School before they are able to breed, pets will now be able to breed an unlimited number of times, whenever they want. Kids will be required to have unique names, and the User must have free space on their account, as Kids will now occupy pet slots. Kids will also now grow up, and we will be implementing a WSG item that will allow you to transition them through puberty and into adulthood, so they can begin breeding their own little cuties with any, and all, of your other pets!

We have also been tracking User interaction with the various NPCs. This has been done by logging the number of times their shops, games, or other unique features have been visited by Users over the last six months, in addition to having a bot count the number of times their profiles have been commented on, or their names have been mentioned in the forums. As a result, we will be discontinuing our 5 least popular NPCs and consolidating their features with those that will remain. So, before April 31st, make sure you wish the following NPCs farewell: Jack, Victoire, Tinker, Tris, and Roscoe. Goodbye, friends!

The Economy
After careful examination of Acitius' economy, it has been deducted that there are some changes that should be made to help balance it more efficiently. The maximum daily AP you can earn from flash games will be bumped up from 1,600 to 5,000 in order to encourage people to play them. Heist will increase to 10 daily plays, and the time limit on both Memories and Fragments will be removed in order to make them more lucrative.
We will also be implementing a new User Allowance feature. This will give users a daily AP income of 5,000 AP, and is not affected by their income from posting in the Forums or the number of Achievements they own.

Staff Changes
For those of you that have kept a watchful eye on the Staff List, you may have noticed certain changes to it-- changes which are going to continue happening. By the end of the month, the Staff List will be completely reformed, with an entirely new set of staff to watch over the site, and who will produce fresh content. This has been a difficult decision to make, but when put up to the Staff to vote, the results were that most of us believed the site could better flourish under new guidance. With this in mind, we will soon be hiring for any and all positions, including but not limited to: Moderators, Writers, Artists, and Administrators. Keep an eye out for postings soon!

All The Exciting New Stuff
With all these changes, it would be unfair to say we didn't have anything new in the works! That's right, we have several exciting changes happening as well!
Beginning April 6th, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of available enchantments on the site. Our present goal is to release one new enchantment a month, until April 2016. This is in order to catch up on our lack of artistic initiative over the last while-- most other pet sites have more enchantments available to their users, and we would like Acitius to be able to match that level of quality. In order to facilitate this art-heavy process, we will also be adopting a new art style, similar to other sites: all enchantments except Phantasm and Halloween will adopt the same base lineart, with only the colouring being the same. The lineart will allow for a few minor details such as the addition of wings or horns, but overall, all images of a specific pet species will now be in the same pose, with the same shading.

This process will also open the gateway for several new pet species, as our art process will now be less intense. To celebrate, we will be introducing 5 new species this year-- I hope your pet slots are ready, because boy are they exciting! Two of them have already been sketched out by our artists, so as a special sneak peek, here they are:

I want to name mine xXxDemonSlayerAnglexXx!

With these new art initiatives will come several other new features as well. Users will be excited to hear our writing staff is going to begin expanding the site lore, beginning with the story of @Ace@'s immaculate conception-- a tale of courage, conquest, forbidden love, and gruesome betrayal, to be told in agonizing detail. Where's the popcorn!?

We hope you are all looking forward to these changes as much as we are, and we would love to hear your input in the comments below.
To a productive, exciting 2015!
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