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July 22nd, 2017
Science-ly Speaking
Posted by:  Maybelline@

I don’t really have a lot to report this week other than I am excited to have the Great Sea Migration kicking off very soon. I can’t wait till you see how hard our Art Team has been working to create awesome new pets, enchantments and even items for this event. Thanks @Rat@, @amelia@, @Dragonflight@, @GlassyCandleLitThing@, @MAYHEM@, @MONSTER@, and @Vulli@ for all your work.

Not to have the best writers feel overshadowed by the artists; @plushie@, @shamurai@ have also been very hard at work to bring you the full story of this event as well as new quests. They both deserve a lot of praise as it takes a lot of time to properly articulate the lore of our vast and ever growing Acitius Kingdom.

Try this week’s tricky new Enigma!

Isn’t cooking fun? The food you were supposed to cook for the event was: Apple Pie, Chicken Sandwich, Squall Fin Salad and Chocolate Cake.

Everyone got this one correct this week! Congratulations to all the winners that got the rare Uberprotein Milkshake!

5 people participated and 5 got it correct
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July 21st, 2017
Great Sea Migration: Mierras and Nauwa
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Hello again, Acitians. With the Great Sea Migration coming ever closer, I have returned to tell you the rest of the story behind the celebration.

If you recall, Rona of the Manopar and Luginn of the Langai had successfully created an alliance between the narkfins and lumineels. Though it was won through a battle in which they had to unseat Skir for power over the Langai, it was easier to make than the ones they set their eyes on next.

Adaphri is regarded as nothing short of a demigod in mierra legends. In life, she lead a large community known as the Gorgona who lived in the now-lost city of Setolis. She was a mighty warrior who saved the city from certain destruction when the Langai had tried to invade it several years before Rona and Luginn’s pact. To this end, Luginn was uncertain they could win the Gorgona’s trust, but Rona insisted they try.

Unknown to Rona and Luginn, Adaphri had plans of her own. In the years since the Langai’s attempt to take Setolis, one of the Gorgona’s allies, the Nautili, had slowly warmed her up to the idea of making peace with the Langai.

The Nautili, like most nauwa, were shy towards many outside their species (and even those from other schools). And, like most nauwa, they will fight back when pushed too far. The Nautili found a steadfast friend in the Gorgona, in no short thanks to their leader Aramis’ friendship with Adaphri.

Aramis and their people often found themselves stuck in the middle when fights broke out between the Langai and Manopar, but they could always rely on the Gorgona to help them fend off both tribes when push came to shove. Still, Aramis wished that they did not have to rely on others to help them - they wished even more that there was no fighting at all. Gorgona, Langai, Manopar, Nautili - were they not all children of the sea? Couldn’t they find some common ground and exist together in peace?

Aramis’ beliefs were shared by the rest of the Nautili people, but Adaphri’s people (and Adaphri herself) were harder to sway. For years Aramis would gently urge Adaphri to call for a truce between the Gorgona and Langai, but she always refused. Her people would not quickly forget the actions of the Langai, and she did her best to stop them from seeking vengeance. As the years passed, the Gorgonan’s rage slowly subsided.

When word of Skir’s defeat reached the ears of Adaphri and Aramis, Aramis was quick to suggest Adaphri seek out Luginn and attempt to create a truce between the tribes. Adaphri was apprehensive, but she eventually reasoned that Luginn could be different from Skir and agreed to reach out. After some correspondence back and forth, all four leaders decided to meet and create a pact that would forbid any more wars between their tribes.

Today, our people still honor this pact and come together every year to celebrate. Though we are all different, we are all children of the sea. Together we are strong. I hope the Great Sea Migration will be an event that the kingdom enjoys, for despite our differences we are all in this world together, and there is never too much love here.

I must be going now, but I hope to see you soon. The Great Sea Migration awaits!
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July 17th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

13 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 30 lemons traded in, @Ittokki's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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July 15th, 2017
Posted by:  Tournament@

Orange you glad there’s a new tournament?

It is almost unanimously decided that oranges (or orange juice, if you don’t have teeth or something) are far superior to clementines when it comes to fruit for breakfast. I say almost because, in fact, Clementine, despite its size, was too sweet even for Orange to resist - and that was ultimately our would-be champion’s downfall.

I’m still gonna pick an orange over a clementine, though. These results mean nothing to me! Nothing!

With the news of a new holiday on the horizon, I thought it only fitting that we take advantage of it and pit two corresponding NPCs against each other to celebrate. Yeah, celebrate.

This week newcomer @Kaimana+ will face off against our very own @Finneous+. Which narkfin is going to take home the gold, I wonder? Tune in next week and find out!
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Mission List
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Officially a week from today will be the beginning of the Great Sea Migration event here in the Kingdom. Let’s start getting ready by doing this week’s Enigma! Better dust off that cookbook of yours and give it a try. Also, the Wiki could be a good place to do some research for this Enigma if you’re not that far in your own cookbook yet.

Red = 76 Blue = 10 Green = 9 Purple = 0


76 + 0 / 2 + 9 * 10

76 + 9 * 10

76 + 3 * 10

76 + 30


8 people participated and 3 got it correct
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July 13th, 2017
Great Sea Migration: Narkfins and Lumineels
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Since time immemorial, my people and those of other clans have celebrated the Great Sea Migration only amongst ourselves. After much deliberation, we have unanimously decided to invite you all to our celebration. Festivities begin July 25th, but first I wanted to share with you the story behind the Great Sea Migration.

Long, long ago the many clans and kingdoms of the sea were at constant war with each other. Hatred ran deep, creating large divisions between all sides. But not everyone wished for war and bloodshed between each species; on the contrary, they wished for peace.

Rona of the Manopar tribe was one of these people. She was their chieftain, considered by many to be the strongest narkfin among them, and was no stranger to bloodshed. But unlike her people, she hated the constant fighting. She had personally seen too many lives senselessly cut short, including many of her own family members. But she knew she could not end the madness herself, so she began to search for allies.

First Rona went to the king of the Langai Territories, a battle-worn lumineel named Skir. Of all the clans, narkfins hated lumineels the least and were capable of working with them. But Skir was not looking to ally himself and his people with the Manopar, and turned Rona away. Rona was crestfallen; if she could not even convince the lumineels to swear peace amongst their clans, what hope did she have of convincing the nauwa and the mierras?

Luginn of the Langai was another individual who had hopes for peace, though he was merely a commoner in the beginning of his life. He knew, however, that the road to peace would be one paved in blood; but it was a price he was willing to pay. Slowly, he amassed an army of likeminded individuals and began leading assaults on Langai settlements. Despite their otherwise good intentions, Luginn and his army found it increasingly difficult to recruit more people to their cause, and were just barely able to keep their grip on the settlements they had successfully taken over.

Enter the Manopar. Word had spread quickly about the narkfins looking to ally themselves with the lumineels, and how Skir had rejected them, and news found its way to Luginn’s ears. He knew that this was the chance he had been waiting for, and he requested audience with Rona. The narkfin was hesitant at first, seeing as Luginn and his company were violent rebels, but the lumineel eventually persuaded her into accepting his offer.

Together, the Manopar and Luginn’s army overthrew Skir and the Langai. By rights, Luginn was able to ascend to the position of king and declared peace with the narkfins of the Manopar, as well as their allies.

Both Rona and Luginn were only two of the four great leaders who brought peace to the clans of the sea, but I’m afraid we have run out of time. I must help the others with festival arrangements. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you the rest of the story soon. Take care.
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July 11th, 2017
New Sacred Stones!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

Victoire is now stocking eight new sacred stones!

Butterfly Sacred Stone, Gray Sacred Stone, Marble Sacred Stone, Orange Sacred Stone
Purple Sacred Stone, Serposkin Sacred Stone, Space Sacred Stone, Spotted Sacred Stone
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July 10th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

10 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 18 lemons traded in, @Ittokki's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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July 8th, 2017
Posted by:  Tournament@

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! There’s a brand new tournament coming out of its shell!

Last week’s challengers may have been a little too obvious for the folks at home - I mean, it’s pretty obvious who was gonna win, right? Well, the Dodu Nutcracker thought the same. It had never met a nut it couldn’t crack.

The Dodu Nutcracker placed one of the Flutter Nuts into its mouth, and chomped down, thinking its victory was all but assured. But the Flutter Nut, stale as it was, didn’t so much as crack. The Dodu Nutcracker bit down harder, determined.


The Dodu Nutcracker let out a garbled cry of victory, releasing the Flutter Nut in its mouth, thinking it had crushed one of its four opponents. Unfortunately, the crack had actually come from the wood of its lever splintering. Unable to continue on for fear of breaking its lever further, the Dodu Nutcracker conceded to the Flutter Nuts. As such, Flutter Nuts have been named the winner!

Early this morning I came down to have my usual breakfast consisting of cereal, an orange, and the overwhelming realization that I am an adult who must function in this world at an early hour. As I sat down, I realized my orange was not an orange but a clementine!

“By the fires of Ekim, Mom!” I yelled, grabbing the clementine. “This is clearly a clementine, not an orange!”

“Oh @Tournament@, stop complaining. They’re basically the same thing.” she replied.

Unwilling to argue, I set to peeling the clementine. I’d eat it, but I wouldn’t like it - not as much as I would an orange, anyway. Isn’t that just the worst, Acitians? Wouldn’t you have preferred an orange with your cereal or would you gladly take the clementine?
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July 7th, 2017
Magical News
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Another week and another new Enigma for you all. It’s a pretty straightforward one this week. Nothing too tricky. My brain has been turned to mush with all this heat lately. I could really go for a giant glass of lemonade right about now, honestly. Anyway… enjoy.

The gardening puzzle was solved by finding the words that were bolded. However, to be a bit tricky some words weren’t bolded and some extras were. Just to make it a little more challenging. Once you found all the words plus a few of the hidden ones, you were left with the following:

What is the process by which growing two different plants together to create something new(?)

Which your answer should have been hybridization.

7 people participated and 6 got it correct

Currently the Pluerry is only available to those individuals that answered the Enigma correctly. However, don’t lose hope if you are a biggest eater chaser. You will be able to obtain this fruit by planting a plum and cherry together in the near future. Stay tuned to the news for the release.

You can now grow your own Pluerry!
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