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July 27th, 2017
Part 4: Majestic Mierras
Posted by:  Kaimana+

We have come to the last and most graceful of the clans, the mierras.

They are the most adventurous and fun-loving of our peoples, and also the most curious. There are as many of them living on land as there are in the sea.

There are two of their number living here in the city, Sam and Bernadette. Why not wish them good fortune as their aquatic cousins visit the kingdom?

In addition, you can meet my friend Lani, who is here to peddle her wares during the event.

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Part 3: Lovely Lumineels
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Hello, Acitius Kingdom! The time has come again for introductions. Today, we bring two more of our ocean cousins to greet you.

Almost as terrifying as the large-toothed narkfins, the lumineels are long and quick, using their tall sail-like fins to maneuver efficiently in the icy waters they call home. They emit a faint glow which helps them to lure prey and to find each other in the darkness near the sea floor.

I am sure you’ve met Molokai. Despite their reputation, these fast predators make for great companions! Perhaps you should attempt to befriend one during the celebration.

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July 26th, 2017
The Great Sea Migration
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Greetings, Acitius Kingdom. Today is the start of a special celebration that is important to those who dwell beneath the waves: the Narkfin, the Nauwa, the Lumineel and the Mierra.

This ceremony I speak of has existed since before I was born, and we have always celebrated alone. Our peoples have come together and agreed that it is time to share ourselves with all of you! So please follow us as we migrate back to our place of origin: the sea. We have never given this event a name, but I suppose you could call it the Great Sea Migration. We swim and fish in the waters of the ocean, eat our favorite foods and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

Others of our kind have opened up shops on our sands that you might like to buy from. Molokai, Nua, and Lani would love to see you stop by. Our tribes have also put me in charge of our own special shop that you can browse. I would love it if you came and wanted to be a part of the fun! So do enjoy yourselves!

The Kraken Jaw is now restocking:

Crab Cakes, Grilled Squid on a Stick, Laughing Mierra Roll, Lumineel Nigiri
Narkfin Fin Soup, Seared Scallops, Shrimp Dog, Snogo Stripe
Surf 'n' Turf, Tornado Potato, Valkyr Tail

Nua's Ocean Antiques is now restocking:

Ancient Brooch, Barrel of Grog, Battle of Clans: Lumineel and Narkfin, Cannonball
Dubloon Shield, History of the Ocean Deep, Mierra Parenting 101, Old Sail Boat
Rusted Anchor, Seaweed Sword, The Great Sea Migration, Treasure Chest

The Beach Stand is now restocking:

Coconut Bra, Fei Ban Glasses, Felynx Paw Earrings
Festive Sea Shirt, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Wedding Ring
Scallop Pendant, Seashell Bra, Shell Wedding Ring

My special shop has these items available for you to enjoy the fun:

Anishor Clan Charm, Black Sailfish, Bronzed Shell Statue, Feather Cloak
Jicama, Love Totem, Lumineel Clan Charm, Mierra Clan Charm
Narkfin Clan Charm, Nauwa Clan Charm, Ocean Depths Sacred Stone, Peppered Sea Pig
Sailfish Pike, Scroll of Mythos, Taro Root, The Legend of Kahuhu
Tome of Storms, Toothed Dagger, Tribal Lumineel Plushie, Tribal Narkfin Plushie

The items in my shop can be obtained in exchange for a shell known as Glory of the Sea. If you find yourself in need of these, I believe they are being given out as prizes for winning a game called What’s Rarer.
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Part 2: Nervous Nauwa
Posted by:  Kaimana+

I would like to introduce you to the most elusive of the ocean clans. These coral reef dwellers are the descendents of the ancient squidos. Long ago, the squidos took to hiding in shells to keep their delicate bodies safe, and they have evolved into what they are today.

They are a shy people, and keep to themselves, but in honor of the celebration they have come to the surface. Treat them with kindness and you will have a friendly acquaintance. Earn their trust and you will have a loyal friend for life.

Please join us tomorrow for a continuation of the festivities! I am sure the lumineel and mierra clans will be pleased to greet you then.

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Part 1: Nippy Narkfins
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Many of you are already familiar with the fearsome narkfins. I myself am a member of this species, and we are just as comfortable on land as we are in the water.

Our appearance may be frightening, but worry not. We have made peace with the other clans and with Acitius Kingdom, and we would like to celebrate this glorious event with all of you.

I do believe a narkfin lives in close proximity to the inhabitants of Nylanta Street. Why not pay our friend Finneous a visit during the celebration?

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July 24th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

12 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 32 lemons traded in, @devils_flame666's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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July 23rd, 2017
We're Moving!
Posted by:  Tournament@

The Tournament is officially moving from Saturdays to Fridays! Why? Because who knew running the Tournament will only foot half of your bills even in this great economy, that's why!

As such, this (or last, if you want to get technical) week's Tournament will update July 28th. Don't forget to get your votes in before then if you haven't already.
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July 22nd, 2017
Science-ly Speaking
Posted by:  Maybelline@

I don’t really have a lot to report this week other than I am excited to have the Great Sea Migration kicking off very soon. I can’t wait till you see how hard our Art Team has been working to create awesome new pets, enchantments and even items for this event. Thanks @Rat@, @amelia@, @Dragonflight@, @GlassyCandleLitThing@, @MAYHEM@, @MONSTER@, and @Vulli@ for all your work.

Not to have the best writers feel overshadowed by the artists; @plushie, @shamurai@ have also been very hard at work to bring you the full story of this event as well as new quests. They both deserve a lot of praise as it takes a lot of time to properly articulate the lore of our vast and ever growing Acitius Kingdom.

Try this week’s tricky new Enigma!

Isn’t cooking fun? The food you were supposed to cook for the event was: Apple Pie, Chicken Sandwich, Squall Fin Salad and Chocolate Cake.

Everyone got this one correct this week! Congratulations to all the winners that got the rare Uberprotein Milkshake!

5 people participated and 5 got it correct
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July 21st, 2017
Great Sea Migration: Mierras and Nauwa
Posted by:  Kaimana+

Hello again, Acitians. With the Great Sea Migration coming ever closer, I have returned to tell you the rest of the story behind the celebration.

If you recall, Rona of the Manopar and Luginn of the Langai had successfully created an alliance between the narkfins and lumineels. Though it was won through a battle in which they had to unseat Skir for power over the Langai, it was easier to make than the ones they set their eyes on next.

Adaphri is regarded as nothing short of a demigod in mierra legends. In life, she lead a large community known as the Gorgona who lived in the now-lost city of Setolis. She was a mighty warrior who saved the city from certain destruction when the Langai had tried to invade it several years before Rona and Luginn’s pact. To this end, Luginn was uncertain they could win the Gorgona’s trust, but Rona insisted they try.

Unknown to Rona and Luginn, Adaphri had plans of her own. In the years since the Langai’s attempt to take Setolis, one of the Gorgona’s allies, the Nautili, had slowly warmed her up to the idea of making peace with the Langai.

The Nautili, like most nauwa, were shy towards many outside their species (and even those from other schools). And, like most nauwa, they will fight back when pushed too far. The Nautili found a steadfast friend in the Gorgona, in no short thanks to their leader Aramis’ friendship with Adaphri.

Aramis and their people often found themselves stuck in the middle when fights broke out between the Langai and Manopar, but they could always rely on the Gorgona to help them fend off both tribes when push came to shove. Still, Aramis wished that they did not have to rely on others to help them - they wished even more that there was no fighting at all. Gorgona, Langai, Manopar, Nautili - were they not all children of the sea? Couldn’t they find some common ground and exist together in peace?

Aramis’ beliefs were shared by the rest of the Nautili people, but Adaphri’s people (and Adaphri herself) were harder to sway. For years Aramis would gently urge Adaphri to call for a truce between the Gorgona and Langai, but she always refused. Her people would not quickly forget the actions of the Langai, and she did her best to stop them from seeking vengeance. As the years passed, the Gorgonan’s rage slowly subsided.

When word of Skir’s defeat reached the ears of Adaphri and Aramis, Aramis was quick to suggest Adaphri seek out Luginn and attempt to create a truce between the tribes. Adaphri was apprehensive, but she eventually reasoned that Luginn could be different from Skir and agreed to reach out. After some correspondence back and forth, all four leaders decided to meet and create a pact that would forbid any more wars between their tribes.

Today, our people still honor this pact and come together every year to celebrate. Though we are all different, we are all children of the sea. Together we are strong. I hope the Great Sea Migration will be an event that the kingdom enjoys, for despite our differences we are all in this world together, and there is never too much love here.

I must be going now, but I hope to see you soon. The Great Sea Migration awaits!
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July 17th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

13 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 30 lemons traded in, @Ittokki's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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