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October 18th, 2017
Autumn News
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Howdy everyone! I hope everyone’s gotten adjusted to the new fall season now that it is upon us. I found myself doing a little leaf-peepin’ this past weekend. Sadly, the leaves have not begun to change that much here. But soon. How many of you out there have some fall activities planned? I always have a bucket list of things I’d like to try every season. This year I’d like to do something called a “Boo at the Zoo”. Allegedly, it’s a haunted walk around the zoo. Which sounds fun. I would love to attend a college hockey game as I haven’t been in many, many, many years. What are some of the activities you all have planned? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, by popular demand. There will be a weekly Sudodu puzzle available for you to solve! So stay tooned for this week’s release as I heard the prize for it is the new Ink Well.

I’ve added a new Enigma as well. Give it a try if you dare.

As for the Corn Maize Enigma, there were 2 acceptable answers for this puzzle. Depending on how you interpreted the question dictated how you went about solving it.

Answer #1: 63. Below is a picture illustrating the number of times we took a right turn based on aerial perspective.

IE. Right = Literal directional turns.

Answer #2: 250. You got this answer if you interpreted the question as the number of total turns.

IE. Right = Correct turns.

11 people participated and 1 got it correct
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October 16th, 2017
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

9 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 22 lemons traded in, @GUN's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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October 14th, 2017
Posted by:  Tournament@

It’s that time again citizens, time for a new tournament!

Last week, we asked an age old question: is the real thing better than the candy version? Everyone has a preference… apples or candy apples, actual grapes or whatever grape flavored candy is supposed to taste like. Honestly, I have a sweet tooth and prefer candy over real food any day, which is why I’m pleased to announce that the Candy Corn Pumpkin won by a landslide!

I know SOME people aren’t a fan of candy corn, but it looks like it works hard anyway. Way to go, candy corn pumpkin. I am proud of you.

Well, with that out of the way, let’s get pumped about the new junivi items that are distributing throughout the kingdom! Two of them are… questionable, to say the least, so let’s see which of those will win this week’s tournament.

Which completely tasteful item will it be? The faux junivi head mount or the lucky junivi foot?
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And the Winner of Acitius' Next Pet Revamp Cycle 1 is...
Posted by:  plushie@


Thank you to everyone who participated in the user poll! Keep your eyes peeled in November for their Brand New Look™, as well as another user poll for December.
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October 10th, 2017
Pet Revamps & User Poll
Posted by:  plushie@

Calling all users! As you all know by now, all Acitius pets are currently undergoing revamps. Our original goal was to have holidays made or re-imagined for each month alongside revamps for handfuls of pets at a time, but with major real life holidays and exams creeping up, we’ve had to take a slight detour. For the remainder of the year, Acitius holidays will be put on hold; that is to say, we won’t be making any major changes to them from now (October) to the end of the year (December). Artists will be doing one pet species per month, and possibly some new non-holiday items.

This is where you guys come in!

Users have expressed interest in playing a larger role in the pet revamping process, and this time around we’d like to host a poll for pets that were meant to be redrawn per month and let users vote on which species we do!

For November, the following species are looking to get their revamp:

Check out this thread for more info & the poll itself!

As always, thank you for playing Acitius and sticking with us through the growing pains!
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October 9th, 2017
Rules Update
Posted by:  ELLIOTT@

In addition to the changes to the junivi and enchantments from yesterday, the Acitius staff has realized that there is a distinct gap in the Rules in regards to custom pets. As such, we have extended Rule 2 to offer guidelines on what is - and is not - acceptable behavior in regards to custom pets.

Rule 2 now reads, in full:

2. If it is not yours, leave it alone. This means you should not attempt to gain access to another user’s account or anything located therein. Attempting to gain access to another user’s account may result in the banning of your own account, and may result in a permanent ban from the site.

2a. Do not impersonate other users, even as a joke. Impersonating staff members may result in the banning of your account.

2b. Do not claim other’s artwork as your own, or do anything else which implies you are the rightful owner and/or creator of content that you do not own/did not create. If you want to use someone else’s work, ask them and respect their wishes. It is a good idea to keep documentation of their permission on hand, as Acitius Staff may ask for proof.

2c. Users may create custom pets of officially licensed or otherwise copyrighted characters, however the art used must be explicitly created for use as a custom pet image on Acitius.com. Custom pet art of these characters must differ enough stylistically from the character's original iteration that Acitius staff can easily tell that the art has not been traced, copied, or otherwise stolen from the source material.

2d. While users are welcome to use official Acitius art on the Acitius website, as well as custom pet images, you must include the following disclaimer if you use these materials anywhere off of the site: “Copyright 2009-2017 Acitius, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission”.

2e. In cases where custom pets are sold, the purchasing user gains rights to make changes to the pet's name, stats, level, gamma, foods eaten, books read, relationship, dating presents, sacred stones, armory equipment, custom BFF pages, and profile page. The new owner gains the rights to use the pet's custom species name and the pet's custom art on Acitius.com at their discretion; these rights do not, however, extend off site. The new owner gains the right to recustomize the pet if so chosen, and may choose for this art to imitate any prior custom pet art attached to the pet. Purchasers do not gain rights to any "original characters" that may have been attached to the custom pet, and therefore the original creator of a custom pet may create a similar pet in the future, so long as they do not reuse art attached to the sold custom pet.

2f. Custom pets and/or their designs may not be sold, traded, or otherwise given to others off site, nor may they be sold on-site for real life money. In cases where custom art is created through an on-site contest, the user running the contest becomes the rightful owner to any, and all, submissions unless otherwise stated and may be the sole user of these materials on Acitius.com.

(paragraph spacing has been exaggerated for ease of reading)

You may notice that these additions do not read "effective as of x date"; this is because these changes are retroactive and apply to any, and all, custom pets on Acitius.com.

We understand, however, that this rule may unfairly target certain custom pets, specifically customized versions of licensed characters, and custom pets whose art was not specifically created for use as a custom pet but the customizer received permission from the original artist. Because of this, any custom pets that exist on the site as of October 9, 2017 which fall into these two categories will be allowed to continue to exist on-site. However, owners of these customs will be encouraged to contact staff for a refund so that they may recustomize their pets to abide by these new rules.

If you are not sure if your custom pets abide by these rules, don't be afraid to ask!

Finally, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and staff will do their best to answer them.
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Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

Hearts kingdom-wide have been sent hippity hoppin’ ever since the Junivi stepped out with its new look!

In addition, there are four new enchantments!

With a little help from Shiso, Bok is now selling a brand new, never-before-seen fruit in his shop:

Junivi Fruit

Suave ‘n’ Sassy is now also stocking some junivi-themed items for that special leporid in your life:

Faux Junivi Head Mount, Junivi Antler Wedding Ring

Bound to Please is bound to please all the magic-lovers out there with this new book:

Junivi Magic Tricks

Having a bad streak in the Arena lately? Roscoe has your back with this new accessory that’s sure to give you all the luck you need:

Lucky Junivi Foot

Ever wanted a junivi all your own but your mom said no? Allergic to junivis? Just want something cute to cuddle with at night as the existential dread sets in? Tinker’s got just what you need!

Junivi Plushie, Ice Junivi Plushie, Light Junivi Plushie, Voltage Junivi Plushie, Wind Junivi Plushie
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Enchantment Updates!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

Greetings, Acitius Kingdom! For the last several months, @Aethelia+ has been blowing the dust off of some of her more outdated enchantments. When we asked her why, she said something about how all good transfiguration and potion masters should always look for new ways to improve their work. To that end, she has updated the Halloween and Legacy enchantments!

First and foremost, Aethelia decided that “Halloween” was no longer a suitable name for her spooky enchantment. What kind of name is “Halloween,” anyway? That’s not even a real word. As such, she has given her enchantment a new name: Bewitched! She has managed to manipulate the magic used in her Jack-O'-Lanterns so that they are able to grant two distinctive forms which she has affectionately named Trick or Treat. The Trick form is frightening in appearance and often in personality, while the Treat form is quite cute and much sweeter in disposition than their tricky cousins.

Currently, the junivi is the only species sporting this new look, but other species will receive updates in the future.

As for the legacy enchantment, Aethelia is regrettably retiring it from her shop, and @Giuseppe+ has removed the potion from his cooking classes at her request. But this isn't any reason to despair, Acitius, as she is finally ready to unveil a beloved project of hers to take its place - Inkwell!

Inkwell is based on classic rubberhose cartoons, which you can probably ask your grandparents about if you've never seen one. As with the Bewitched enchantment, the junivi is lucky enough to be the first and only recipient of this new enchantment, but don't worry! You'll see more of these black and white beauties soon enough.

Unfortunately, these old-timey makeovers won't be as easy to come by as Aethelia's other enchantments. The Inkwell itself will only be obtained upon winning the Enigma, so put your brain to the test and challenge the mighty Enigma master, if you dare. Alternatively, our clever Zanris has also somehow obtained a stock of these rarities, so if you've got a little extra money in your bank account you can stop by Club Diamond and purchase one.

Last but not least, one final enchantment has received a minor update. Aethelia has informed us that the Lovey Dovey enchantment is being renamed to the much more suitable name of Fated. You can still obtain these lovely potions from @Fiyero+ in celebration of marriage between two pets.

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Technical Difficulties
Posted by:  Brian@

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and had to briefly go offline to restore the site to our backup from yesterday (October 8, 2017) morning. I apologize for any inconvenience you might have suffered as a result of the restore. If you lost any items/AP earned today, please feel free to send me a mail and I will see what I can do. Your account should appear exactly as it did yesterday morning around 7:00am Acitius time.
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Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

8 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 24 lemons traded in, @SkyMuffin's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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