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Mini Status Report!
Posted by:  Maybelline@

As you all know; we have been working on coding the new site layout. It has taken us a lot longer to finish this endeavor as we came across some unexpected delays along the way. A lot of the old code was hodge-podged together and didn't play nice with direction we were going in. But never-the-less we persisted and are making major traction! Yay!

We have been busy little bees; but, we are not done yet... but here is what we have left to do:

-- Finish coding Mobile Pages
-- General Bug Check // Inconsistency Check
--- ToS // Privacy Policy // Rules Gut Check

We don't have a timeline on when we will be done with aforementioned items; but we will keep you posted when we have a better idea.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

....bee was drawn by yours truly. Please no autographs.

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Thanks for the update i stan the bee they're doing their best

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