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Posted by:  Piinke@

What's this? Is this a... redraw?

Default Felynx

This little darling was done by the majestic @MONSTER@.
If you can't see the newest version, please hit ctrl + f5.

Comments (14)

This feels a lot bigger than all the other pet art (I just measured, and it is several pixels taller than any previous pet). Is this going to be the new pet size from here on?
item size will still be the same 100x100, but pet size is now 250x250
Is it possible to see the old and new side by side?
Here's where we were and then the amazing direction we are heading.
omg i love it!! look at that attitude!!
Even though the old art is nostalgic I like the move. Always liked monsters style too
@Maybelline@ @BlazingPhoenix01
I think you probably meant to post the prior felynx image, not the OG one which hasn't been used in a few years...
I definitely love this new style! I think it's a good call making the images larger; much better to see the details and such. Love how much character and personality is in the new felynx too
Gorgeous! How exciting
@Chouxie Yes! Some of these images are so small and we wanted detail
The artists are gonna have their work cut out for them but oh WOW this is FANTASTIC!

As a related aside, when can we start buying WSG etc again? Surely y'all are gonna need some income?
Hi @Livvy, before the month is over. :]
Ooo I like it! I think bigger images are great, too.
I love seeing some real shading and detail on the new look. The outline feels a little too thick though.

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