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The fancy snacks are all gone and it’s time for a new tournament!

Sorry for the delay in this brand new tourney, citizens. It was a very, very tough decision for our anonymous judges, as the competition was largely a piece of toast with some tomatoes on it sitting on a table opposite a cracker with some fish eggs on it. Thankfully, they have finally come to a decision after someone was hungry enough to eat the toast, so we’re glad to announce that Caviar on Crackers is this week’s winner!

No one wanted to eat it, so it’s the last one standing. Don’t worry, I don’t understand the rules of this game either.

October is a very special month! Fall is in full swing; you probably noticed all of the pumpkin-themed items getting put on display in various stores starting towards the end of July. But now it’s actually here, and we’re ready to celebrate with a contest between a delicious squash and a delicious squash shaped candy.

Who will be the big winner? A Pumpkin (like a real actual pumpkin), or the sweet imposter, Candy Corn Pumpkin?

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candy corn sucks pass it on
how dare you
Know what. Neither will win. Pumpkin Spice is gonna swoop in and take the win.

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