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Enchantment Updates!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

Greetings, Acitius Kingdom! For the last several months, @Aethelia+ has been blowing the dust off of some of her more outdated enchantments. When we asked her why, she said something about how all good transfiguration and potion masters should always look for new ways to improve their work. To that end, she has updated the Halloween and Legacy enchantments!

First and foremost, Aethelia decided that “Halloween” was no longer a suitable name for her spooky enchantment. What kind of name is “Halloween,” anyway? That’s not even a real word. As such, she has given her enchantment a new name: Bewitched! She has managed to manipulate the magic used in her Jack-O'-Lanterns so that they are able to grant two distinctive forms which she has affectionately named Trick or Treat. The Trick form is frightening in appearance and often in personality, while the Treat form is quite cute and much sweeter in disposition than their tricky cousins.

Currently, the junivi is the only species sporting this new look, but other species will receive updates in the future.

As for the legacy enchantment, Aethelia is regrettably retiring it from her shop, and @Giuseppe+ has removed the potion from his cooking classes at her request. But this isn't any reason to despair, Acitius, as she is finally ready to unveil a beloved project of hers to take its place - Inkwell!

Inkwell is based on classic rubberhose cartoons, which you can probably ask your grandparents about if you've never seen one. As with the Bewitched enchantment, the junivi is lucky enough to be the first and only recipient of this new enchantment, but don't worry! You'll see more of these black and white beauties soon enough.

Unfortunately, these old-timey makeovers won't be as easy to come by as Aethelia's other enchantments. The Inkwell itself will only be obtained upon winning the Enigma, so put your brain to the test and challenge the mighty Enigma master, if you dare. Alternatively, our clever Zanris has also somehow obtained a stock of these rarities, so if you've got a little extra money in your bank account you can stop by Club Diamond and purchase one.

Last but not least, one final enchantment has received a minor update. Aethelia has informed us that the Lovey Dovey enchantment is being renamed to the much more suitable name of Fated. You can still obtain these lovely potions from @Fiyero+ in celebration of marriage between two pets.

Comments (14)

Bewitched (Trick and Treat) Junivi by @Rat
Inkwell Pot and Inkwell Junivi by @amelia

Thank you both for your amazing work!
i love these name changes, def an improvement! the trick or treat is a strong concept and im thrilled to see enchanting on Acitius get a bit more complex.

Inkwell is my fave enchantment, bye forever, im in heaven
I like how the enchants are being renamed to fit in with a more united site lore, I see what y'all are doing and I appreciate that.
Whose been watching too much Bendy and the Ink Machine?
Really liking the name changes. I love both the trick and treat junivis!
Love the new names for enchants and the ideas, sooo great!
Delete loves their new look
I'm loving these new enchantment names and the idea of a trick or treat choice! Excellent!
On another note.. SOMEBODY ON STAFF IS A FAN OF CUPHEAD I SEE Or maybe, like me, grew up on old toons? AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ENCHANTMENT, can't wait to see more species!! Great job, artists!

Psh I need to learn to finish reading the post before posting myself, was worried I'd never get that enchant by winning an Enigma LOL

Toon is sporting this lovely new enchantment now :'D
is the inkwell pot supposed to only be 30k AP in a shop full of much more expensive items or was that a typo?
@Nikki Nope, not a typo! We were originally going to make it 100k, but since the userbase is still on the small side we decided 30k would be more practical for the time being. It will most likely go up in price as the userbase grows, but shouldn't surpass 100k.
Absolutely love the Trick or Treat idea. Now I get to have all the spooky pets I want and the cutesy-loving folks get their share.
aw yay! I know you guys have wanted to do the rubberhorse enchant for years now. It looks good.
I love inkwell!

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