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Hearts kingdom-wide have been sent hippity hoppin’ ever since the Junivi stepped out with its new look!

In addition, there are four new enchantments!

With a little help from Shiso, Bok is now selling a brand new, never-before-seen fruit in his shop:

Junivi Fruit

Suave ‘n’ Sassy is now also stocking some junivi-themed items for that special leporid in your life:

Faux Junivi Head Mount, Junivi Antler Wedding Ring

Bound to Please is bound to please all the magic-lovers out there with this new book:

Junivi Magic Tricks

Having a bad streak in the Arena lately? Roscoe has your back with this new accessory that’s sure to give you all the luck you need:

Lucky Junivi Foot

Ever wanted a junivi all your own but your mom said no? Allergic to junivis? Just want something cute to cuddle with at night as the existential dread sets in? Tinker’s got just what you need!

Junivi Plushie, Ice Junivi Plushie, Light Junivi Plushie, Voltage Junivi Plushie, Wind Junivi Plushie

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Autumn, Default, Light, Voltage, Wind - Rat
Phantasm - @amelia
Fated, Winter - @MONSTER@
Doodle, Storybook - @Dragonflight@
Ice - @Vulli@
Summer - @MAYHEM

Lucky Junivi's Foot, Junivi Antler Wedding Ring, Junivi Fruit - Rat
Faux Junivi Head Mount - @MONSTER@
Junivi Magic Tricks - @MAYHEM

Thank you all for your wonderful work!
y'all everything looks so GOOD!

those big SNOOTS! im in luv!!!

Donnie is gonna get so many makeovers :3

aside from inkwell- ice, summer, and winter are my personal faves! so cute!!!!!

the fruit and the plushies and the ring aaa i am just really into all of this

also rly luv that the voltage junivi's antlers look like the Tornado Potatoes
I am obsessed with the Voltage and Summer ones omg
First change I have mixed feelings about but hey. Bound to be a few. I admittedly will miss the old phantasm Junivi alot but ah. I really like the art in terms of aesthetics and those plushies are adorable.

Personal feels aside, this is great work as usual and thank you to the artists! I hope the new look will grow on me.
The art on this site is gettin' hella lit

Seriously y'all I still fondly recall origi-AMZ art and yet this is phenomenal. I am SO EXCITED at seeing all the updates and revamps and redraws and new everything because you're all SO FREAKIN' TALENTED
it is SO good to have consistent art for the junivi, finally! As much as I love kozen/junivi, those two species always felt like the most inconsistent/mish-mashy due to contrasting art styles (which are still lovely of course!! but most pet sites like these need consistency) the ice one is my favorite pose-wise but winter has the best pallet for sure again, so much love for this species finally having a strong and coherent art direction.

Great update - loving the boopable snoot of the new Junivi.. Toon is definitely going to get a new enchantment! I kinda forgot she was a Junivi LOL
I've taken some time to get used to the changes, and I think I can see why I feel the way I do. Hope you don't mind my rambling a bit!

What I really, REALLY like about the new Junivi is that it looks more like a lagomorph now. Pawpads aside, now it has the face of a hare, the chunky body of a rabbit, the plush fur of both. I'm a big fan of Watership Down and I feel like rabbits usually end up getting their anatomy altered to make them cuter, so I'm a big fan of this.

What I'm missing is the traits that were less rabbit/jackalope. They had these long, sharp claws which I was extremely fond of, fluffier faces, and they had pronghorn horns. The new antlers are straight from a deer which is what most people imagine when they think of a jackalope, but I think pronghorns fit slightly better. That's just my personal tastes though!

Overall I'm already digging the new updates though! I'm growing ever fonder of the new winter, storybook, and ice enchants. I'm also a morbid fan of that fake head-mount, I'm tempted to start dating a Junivi now just so I can send it to them. Romantic!
I'm having such a difficult time revamping my pets with all these beautiful enchantments coming out! Looking forward to seeing more and more new and updated enchantments, but from this release, I've created Gourd, +Sandrose, and Wolpertinger. Keep up the amazing work artists!
What cute sweet lil beans!! ;w;
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I was kind of hoping we'd have less paw pads and more fuzzy feets for getting muddy. The head shape's much improved though - just a shame we got no skull mode for it.

Voltage is giving a major Watership vibe. Tempted.

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