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Pet Revamps & User Poll
Posted by:  plushie@

Calling all users! As you all know by now, all Acitius pets are currently undergoing revamps. Our original goal was to have holidays made or re-imagined for each month alongside revamps for handfuls of pets at a time, but with major real life holidays and exams creeping up, we’ve had to take a slight detour. For the remainder of the year, Acitius holidays will be put on hold; that is to say, we won’t be making any major changes to them from now (October) to the end of the year (December). Artists will be doing one pet species per month, and possibly some new non-holiday items.

This is where you guys come in!

Users have expressed interest in playing a larger role in the pet revamping process, and this time around we’d like to host a poll for pets that were meant to be redrawn per month and let users vote on which species we do!

For November, the following species are looking to get their revamp:

Check out this thread for more info & the poll itself!

As always, thank you for playing Acitius and sticking with us through the growing pains!

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Awesome update, thanks for including us players! Eagerly looking forward to what the talented artists come up with next month!!
Ooo, thanks for making polls for this! Can't wait to see who gets revamped next. *w*

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