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Acitius is for sale! Part 2
Posted by:  Brian

As a follow up to my news post in May, I have not received any offers that met the criteria listed in that post for people interested in purchasing Acitius. Consequently, Acitius is now for sale to the highest bidder with the only restriction being that I only wish to sell to people who want to keep the site open/running. Please mail me offers and/or questions!

Comments (2)

Oh no I hope someone awesome buys it. I miss this place.
Yikes, haven't logged on here in years, but it doesn't surprise me that this place is sinking like all the others like it :c

If there's nothing that can be done/nobody willing or able to buy and revive the website, it might be nice to have a legacy page up? Dragonadopters did that, it's got a gallery of all the dragon sprites that I scroll through on occasion for old time's sake, maybe that's an option for you guys?

I sympathise with the stress staff must be feeling with high expectations and people waiting on them, sometimes the best thing that can be done is to move on, and there's no shame in that. The market's changed, but memories don't die (I mean I still have the ocs that I built off my main pets here, my dragonadopters dragons, hell, even one of my neopets ocs has stuck with me!)

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