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Happy December!
Posted by:  Caspian

Happy December, everyone!

Who else is ready for skating, hot cocoa, and SNOW?

One thing I'm really looking forward to is picking up some old Acitius traditions: Secret Santa, and Warm Fuzzies! Activity has been (understandably) low lately, but I'd like to revive these if we can. Please comment on this news post if you're interested in participating in either activity!

As a reminder, Winter in Acitius starts on December 22nd. Until then, please enjoy the items in the shops for the Northern Lights Festival!

Comments (17)

I'm interested, but are we getting news on the buyer @Brian has referenced?
@Comrade I'm not too sure. I'll check in and see about making a news post about it!
@Caspian thank you very much for the quick response!

very much looking forward to warm fuzzies, one of the best site activities ever imo
I'd love to take part in Secret Santa. I don't think I'm familiar with Warm Fuzzies if you could refresh my memory!
@Comrade: Have I referenced a buyer? Or are you just talking about my news posts taking offers for the site? I haven't had any strong offers yet, so I haven't sold it. But don't worry, I won't randomly shut the site down without warning or anything. I have reduced the expenses for the site as much as possible, so it isn't costing me much each month and I /could/ keep it open indefinitely if it doesn't sell.
I might be interested in Secret Santa, what is warm fuzzies? Sounds interesting!
@Brian I thought you had, but upon re-reading the news back up to May 19th of this year I cannot find the statement I remember reading about a specific person coming forward. I'm prolly just misremembering so whoops.

Tho I'm less concerned with the site shutting down without warning (you and Caspian have said many times that you would at least give a heads' up and I trust that) than I am the security of the site? For a month or so Acitius is coming up as an insecure site, something it did not do previously. I'd like to continue playing on the site ofc but I'm a bit worried by this and am not sure what could be in store for my pc if I keep visiting the site even with my ABP on.
I'm all for a Secret Santa (Maybe this time I will actually get my Secret Santa gifts?)
@Comrade: I'm not sure why it is doing that. All I can guess is that because we don't have an SSL certificate for the site, it is saying the site is unsecure. But we have never had an SSL certificate for the site, so nothing has changed on that front. In fact, nothing has changed at all haha. I'm guessing your browser just got updated and requires stronger security now. I'm not getting any alert for Acitius on my browser. Regardless, the site is safe. @Caspian and I are the only ones with access, and the site only has ads from Google AdSense. There shouldn't be any risk of getting adware or malware.
i'd definitely participate! always loved the secret santa tradition
@Brian thank you for the reassurance! That makes sense!
i'll participate in secret santa! what are warm fuzzies tho?
@BoyHowdy @MoonlightShadows
Warm Fuzzies are anonymous ways of saying something nice about someone! Everyone sends their "warm fuzzies" about different people to the event coordinator, who then distributes all the anonymous warm fuzzies on a specific date. It's a really nice way to share what you appreciate about a person :3
I would like to participate in Secret Santa!
Hey everyone! My exams and projects for the semester finished today, so I should be able to get this up and running tomorrow! I'll keep these activities open until January so that everyone has time
I would like to participate in either!
For those interested in participating in the Secret Snowflake, check out the thread in the forums:

Sign ups are open until Jan 5, 2019!

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