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The Acitius Site-Wide Poll!
Posted by:  Nov

We need your help!

We would like to discover which aspects of Acitius are your favourites, and what keep you coming back! We have created a handy poll is to gauge what our community loves the most so that we know what to bring more of in the coming months and years.

If you have additional comments, suggestions or just want to say hello, feel free to do so in the comments section of this news post! We read everything! Please only vote once per person, not once per account (even if you reaaaaally love battling!)

Click the link above!!

Comments (14)

Thank you for putting this poll together!
It was my pleasure! All of the feedback that we've received so far is very helpful!
This is a good start. Do you think it would be more insightful if you created a questionnaire to be able to give us more room to answer specific questions like why we enjoy/not enjoy certain aspects of the site?

For example, maybe gardening scores low on your poll, but it's not because people don't like it, it's because it's difficult to get seeds, or it's hard to access, or everyone has maxed out their gardening level and there's nothing more to do with it. So your poll is telling you we don't like gardening, but that's not really true.

I am appreciating the current steps staff have taken to engage members and keep us in the loop so far.
Thanks so much for your comment Spirit!

We were hoping that the comments here could serve as a great way to open up a conversation about specific aspects of the site! In no way do we want to limit the conversation so please, if you have any questions or feedback, FIRE AWAY! This space is available for everyone and anyone to put in their opinions on the way their favourite (or least favourite) aspects of the site are currently standing
I agree it'd be nice to have a poll if possible w/ an option to add in an extra personal option or two for clarity; because there are a lot of things I feel people stick around for outside of the basic 'site content' options. I feel like it was mentioned before but the more older teen/Adult friendly nature of the site has always been one thing people like above other censored sites like Neopets, subeta etc or ones that cater to kids and/or feel like money sinks like neo has become for certain features.
I feel like we're one of the only sites that has things like dating as a feature which is unique and to an extent something that makes us stand out, as was the feature to have kids back in the day. The ability to get some of the WSG features with things like crystals etc so they're not USD exclusive is another.

Little things that don't quite make the list etc

Edit: the ability to edit forum posts is amazing too - a pity some other sites don't have it
but another thing like being able to customize your dash is a great feature too/choosing which notifications you do or don't want
I'm glad that you brought up the dash, @Halloween. We are looking into options for greater customization of your experience on Acitius.
For the last year or so I don't know why I keep coming back to this site because nothing was happening and no one was online.

I used to enjoy coming to the site because of the people and collecting things/cooking. The plots have been underwhelming verging on angry making. I want TOM back. I also want to be able to delete my side accounts, lol.
@spirit - For what it's worth, you had the option to get your side accounts deleted for the past year and a half . It was mentioned in both the news post announcing the side accounts rule change and is mentioned in the rules themselves. A few dozen users messaged me and had their accounts consolidated by me . It definitely could have been advertised more so more people were aware of it, but it was publicly announced.
@Brian - I guess I missed the news post since I really haven't been on this site for a while for the reasons above. I still think it's a useful function to let users control their own accounts instead of having to ask staff do this for them.
@spirit - Definitely agree with you there.
Hi @spirit, unfortunately that's not going to be added as we are doing away with side accounts, so there would be no reason for the feature soon.
Honestly I think a revamp to the battle system to make it more interesting would be a good start. But if you have trouble doing something like that due to lack of a programmer, a site storyline (similar to the ARG's we used to have, but probably run just on the forums) could be worth sticking around for.
@spirit - Want me to consolidate your 2 side accounts into your main account and delete them?
yes please @Brian

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