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Downtime and Site Restored
Posted by:  Brian

As some of you may have noticed, the site was offline for approximately the last two hours. Due to some unforeseen technical issues, the database had to be restored to the backup taken in the early hours of the morning this morning (February 6). As a result, anything you did today after the backup was made this morning was not saved. We apologize for any inconvenience! As a small token of our apologies, we have sent 10,000 AP to everyone affected by today's reset. Sorry again!


It appears that our last news post was also lost so as a quick refresher....

NPC Shop Naming Contest

Along with lots of fun changes behind the scenes we felt that it was time a few of the NPC shops received some name updating! Of course what better way to find new names then to look in our own back yard? @plushie has created a thread for everyone to participate in a fun name-suggestion contest with participation prizes and everything! Lemons for all!

Suggest NPC Shop Names

Comments (2)

Aw man, I lost my shopping fron this morning :/

All that shop stalking gone in the wind
So sorry Paw! There isn't a way to restore partial files. :/

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