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Welcome, 2019!
Posted by:  Nov

Happy New Year from the Acitius Team

We're just a little late in releasing this year's adorable 2019 celebration plushie, but we hope that you agree it was worth the wait. You can click here to claim your very own special 2019 Heliax Plushie. These will be available until the clock strikes midnight at the end of 2019. 


Comments (7)

Thank you so much for doing the lineart @Shyads and for the colouring @Fanta! You're both excellent
Just want to let you know the background of the image isn't quite white!

I like the addition of a beak to the heliax too, it looks like a cool hybrid of the heliax/valkyr O:
It's not a beak. Just the way it was colored for the New Year theme. :] And we can throw some salt on that background in a few minutes.
@Piinke@ @Shyads @Fanta
there's also a few spots on the plush where the lineart is super thin/missing! Right on the outer left edge of the wing; where the neck meets the jawline; on the green parts of the tail; on the far right tip of the pompom. It's also super blurry on the upper portion of the confetti. Just thought I'd mention that too if there's going to be some tweaks done anyway
We're all happy with the way it turned out and are not making any changes aside from the background. :]
It's super cute! Put it right into my treasures gallery
So happy you like it Doodle!! We're really happy to have been able to get this item out on such a tight deadline I'm going to treasure mine.

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