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Posted by:  Piinke@

Hi everyone,

As most of you know, we had another server issue last night. I have most of the data and will restore it after I get some sleep. It's 4:33am for me. :/ Our host provider is working on a solution for why we keep crashing. Hopefully it will be resolved so this doesn't happen again. While I am sleeping, try not to feed any pets new items, read books or equip armory items/augments. We'll send out a teaser of the new explore maps as a token of appreciation.

Edit: Here's that teaser

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This is very problematic, but there's something that you should know if you don't already: It didn't just roll back a few player items, it deleted accounts. The newest accounts are now gone, specifically Pine and Savanna1998. I would suggest making a news post inviting them back, they might think they're banned ;-;
I'm one of the newcomers who lost an entire account. Sad times ;-;
Hi Kiwi, the data isn't lost. It just has to be restored.

Edit: Their accounts have been restored, yours included Orc. Let me know which username you prefer and we can consolidate. I'll be bringing the pets back today as well as lost items.
Good to know this is under control!
Clearly it is the sheer force of everyone's love for amz crashing the servers! ;P
Doodle I appreciate how great you guys have been
I wish you all could see just how hard Piinke is at work trying to wrangle this site's ancient, disorganised code, thank you all for your patience while stuff gets sorted out!
Ahh the teaser is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the new map all finished.
I love the mash of modern/oldschool design; tbh it kind of works for the new/old sort of stuff Amz's always had going on. Old nostalgia and newer things and people being brought in as well
Thanks Halloween. That's great to hear!
IKR! The old programmer used to just c/p code from github so it's super sloppy in spots

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