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Are you ready for a slice of this new tournament?

I have literally skipped breakfast every day of the week because of this tournament. Some might call me mad, some might call me dedicated. You know what I call me? Hungry AF in the morning, Acitians!

In a shocking twist that shocked absolutely no one, Moon Fruit beat that sucker Sunny Fruit right out of the ring. My love for cheese must have spurned Moon Fruit on, and it fought valiantly so that it would be eaten by me. I’m just glad I can eat breakfast again.

My sources in the Fishing community have told me that fishermen have once again gotten into an argument about what bait is best. I think we all know what bait is best, but surprisingly that bait hasn’t been mentioned at all! No, it’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Fish Flakes that have the fishermen getting up in arms against each other.

What do you think, Acitians? Which bait is better?

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