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Looks like you just reeled in a new tournament!

Master anglers across the kingdom have been in an uproar over the latest bait trend that’s taken hold of Acitius’ fishermen. But now this debate shall be put to rest once and for all. I have here in my hands the results of last week’s tournament, and if you’re as dedicated to fishing as I know you aren’t, then you already knew the results before they were even printed on this piece of paper. As for the rest of you...

Fish Flakes was the undeniable winner. After all, all fish love flakes. I’ll be sticking to my expensive shrimp and pepperoni bait, however.

I have been quite busy the last few weeks, and in my absence an intern has been devising a list of potential fights to start challengers to interview. Of their lengthy list I chose Macabon Plushie and Skull Plushie. For reasons.

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How does the tournament determine the winner? I sometimes see the one with the most votes wins, yet other times the one with less votes wins.
@Aveture The tournament winner is predetermined, so it's technically more like guessing which one you think would win rather than the challenger with the most votes winning.

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