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Posted by:  Nov

Do you know what's great about today? Everything! But most especially I've just been down at Tinker's shop and the super secret project they've been working on is finally done!! Tinker has been in their workshop absolutely covered in paint for the last week making some old Pinga figurines look fresh and new again. The following Pingas have been kidnapped, repainted and safely delivered again from whence they were stolen, and thusly can be admired right away. Just pop into that secret Pinga Themed gallery we all know you have and admire all those fresh new details.

The crisp line of the mouth.

The intense love in their eyes.

Superpinga Figurine, Cupid Pinga Figurine, Pinga Figuine
Moo Pinga Figurine, Pink Pinga Figurine, Baby Pinga Figurine

Gosh, I just want to collect all of them, don't you!?
Oh, you already have collected them all? Well, I have a treat for you, because Tinker has designed two NEW Pingas for us all to enjoy, and they are available in their shop right now!

Army Pinga Figurine, Teacher Pinga Figurine

Thank you to the amazing @Dragonflight for drawing all of these, they're so pretty!

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Amazing art, @Dragonflight!
Super cute as always @Dragonflight
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even with my strict hatred for pingas i have to say ..... hese are too cute and i will protect them with my life

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