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Code Breakers Wanted
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Help! SOS! We've been receiving these strange transmissions from an outside source. They just won't stop coming in. This week's Enigma is all about cracking these transmissions. We were told that there is a 11 letter word to silence these transmissions. Please put on your code breaking hats and see if you can stop these transmissions!

On last week's Numbered Neighbors puzzle 10 people attempted the puzzle and 3 answered it correctly. Below is the solution! Leave me a comment below if you would like to have more of these puzzles in the future.

Once filling in the puzzle, you take the numbers from the colored blocks above and solve for purple. Here is the key to finishing. *Remembering* the orders of operations.
PPMDAS (Pretty Please My Dear Aunt Sally / Powers Parenthesis Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction)

Congratulations to @Steadfastnomad, @jollyhotty and @Tri for being the three that saw through my tricky and came to be victorious!

Comments (5)

My only comment is that "MYQGNZY" looks like "Misogyny".
HAHA. I guess it def. does. Now it can't be unseen
I believe the blue box (upper right puzzle) did not have a unique solution. The ring of 2s and 3s could be oriented two different ways and still satisfy the rules.

Your first box doesn't work because there are no arrows in the circled areas.

I also thought the puzzle didn't have a unique solution because I didn't realize the arrows were mandatory for neighbors. I figured some arrows were missing to increase the difficulty of the puzzle.
I guess I didn't read the instructions well enough. Didn't realize non-neighbours had to be non-sequential.

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