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Planned Site Outage + NEW SITE LAYOUT
Posted by:  Nov

Planned Site Outage - Sunday, March 10th from 10AM to 4PM Acitius time

During this time we will be taking the site down as @Piinke@ is finalizing a few things for the New Site Layout. Yes, the rumours are true! We look forward to you all seeing it when we're back online.

During the outage on Sunday our final tests will be taking place, and while we don't expect any hiccups these things do sometimes happen! As such when 4PM rolls around, please have patience with us. The entire team will be on tenterhooks during this rollout so if you see any errors, simply post them in this forum with a clear title and give us time to address them.

We're all really excited to be revealing the fruit of many many hours of hard work, and we hope that you're excited too!!

Lemons to all who post encouraging words or memes in the news comments below.

Comments (18)

Woohoo! Yay new layout! I'm super excited to see what you guys have been working so hard on, I'm sure itll be as beautiful as you all are!
Very excited to see the new layout and get a feel for its optimization. Tysm for the heads up!
I hope everything goes smoothly.
Good thing I'm at work during the down time lol
Excited to see the new layout!!!!
Thank you so much! -scatters lemons into the wind-
We're all really excited!
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OOOOOO I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT !!!!! im hyped up for any and all changes [zany emoji]
Looking forward to seeing what you guys have come up with!
Looking forward to the new layout!
can't wait to see the new layout!! hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow
Very excited to see a new layout. I'm sure it will be awesome.

@Sarah I see you found my husband. ;]
I'm excited to see the new layout, and I'm hoping it might be easy on the eyes (Bright things hurt my eyes easily)
heres hoping everything goes smoothly! exciting stuff, thank you guys.
You can do it! I believe in you! Love you guys, can't wait to see it
Yasss I am hype for this! Fingers crossed for y'all!
Yasss I am hype for this! Fingers crossed for y'all!
-Chucks lemons at everyone-
You're all amazing, thank you so much for the encouragement!
Was there a rollback?

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