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Good Morning!
Posted by:  Piinke@

Edit: Hello my lovelies,

It is I, your resident turtle. I am still messing with a few functions that don't want to move without falling apart in my hands. ^^" My coding is very different from the existing coding and it's slow work for me. Sorry it's taking so long, but I can give a live preview of how the site is coming along. There are five different versions of the new layout, so I recommend checking them out on several devices, or by resizing your window if you're on a computer.
(Please keep in mind that this is just one page. Clicking elsewhere will lead you to the existing layout.)

Comments (5)

everyone come look at how PRETTY this is holy shnikey
I think it looks really clean, but the stark white kind of gives it a feel of something missing isn't being loaded. If it's not supposed to be white and that's just a placeholder, obviously ignore, but it looks especially unpalatable on mobile.
Hi Gabby, unfortunately we have to stick to white for now. All of the old art has a white background and anything else would clash.
I'll miss the current layout because I'm a big weenie, but the new one looks pretty nice!
I like it, but it's too white.

The navigation box and TitanEmbeds box don't seem to use any art of white background and therefore those boxes do not require a white background.

If you logout and view the page, the login notification text uses wrong color (black font on dark background).

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