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New Shop: Club Diamond
Posted by:  Zanris+

What’s uuuuup, Acitius Kingdom?! Got lots of money and nothing to do with it? Talk about first world problems. But I’m here to solve those problems with my shop Club Diamond!

At the Diamond, we only sell the most expensive, most luxurious, most hard to get items - at totally reasonable prices! Since my mom is the heir to the Tipsy Tuskers company, the Diamond is now the sole vendor of all Tipsy Tuskers drinks (sorry ‘bout that, @Jack+!) as a congratulations present for the Diamond’s opening.

I also recently did an interview if you're interested in knowing more about the Zan Man.

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Several items in this shop are revamped old items! They are the following:

aFROdesiac -> Ancient Anishor Horn
Chelephant Cupcake -> Pink Elephant Cupcake
Chelephant Juice -> Tipsy Tuskers Ale
Darrylphant Plushie -> Succubus Plushie
Darrylphant Plushie Knockoff -> Limited Edition Seregan Plushie
Drakkles Cupcake -> Seregan Cupcake
Fear Plushie -> Zanris Plushie
Ken Cake -> Acitius Cake
Royal Lime -> Noble Lime
Rusted Machete -> Flame Machete
Urs Plushie --> Limited Edition Dodu Plushie
Vintage Darryl Cake -> Chocolate Cake Roll
Vladimir Plushie -> Limited Edition Lucan Plushie

24 Carrots, Antique Wedding Ring, Belladonna Berry Earrings, Blank Star Lapel Pin, Cool Shades, Crown Wedding Ring, Deadly Stilettos, Delicate Lace Adventuring Cloak, Luxurious Underwear, Monogrammed Wine Glasses, Prenuptial Agreement, Sensual Silk Robe, and Snogo Cufflinks were drawn by @Rat!

Mystic Staff, Noble Lime, 24k Gold Sword, Bejeweled Staff, Bruschetta on Toast, Caviar on Crackers, Cocktail Umbrella, Exotic Katana, Extra Pointy Toothpick, Gaudy Medallion, Giant Acitius Point Shield, Jewel Encrusted Dagger, Ornate Brass Knuckles, Really Expensive Shirt, Shrimp Cocktail, Tuxedo Shield, Wad of Cash, and Zanris Plushie were drawn by @MONSTER@!

Darryl: An Autobiography, The Legend of Ken, and Limited Edition Seregan Plushie were drawn by @Caelie!

Pink Elephant Cupcake, Tipsy Tuskers Ale, and Seregan Cupcake were drawn by @GlassyCandleLitThing!

Diamond and 24k Pinga Figurine were drawn by @Dragonflight@!

Ancient Anishor Horn and Limited Edition Lucan Plushie were drawn by @MAYHEM!

Dodu Drip Cake and Chocolate Cake Roll were drawn by @Vulli@!

Zanris's image was done by @amelia!
Thank you all you are amazing I love you

It should be noted that Cassie's Cellar has vanished. The Cassie quests will be removed. You can redeem your Cassie Tokens for 1k AP each in your inventory, and all of the items from Cassie's shop were moved over at equivalent AP prices.

You may need to hard refresh and/or clear your cache in order to see the updated images.
I love this so much more than I probably should
I should have saved the image for the vlad plush when I had a chance...
"With a lot of "hard work" and a small loan of one million AP from his parents, Zanris opened Club Diamond." - Whoever thought of that, I salute you!
thank you!!
@Elite Agreed. That's hilarious
So... silly question. I was literally in the middle of trying to turn in a Cassie quest and not being able to find the shop when this post came out. The quest is still there. Is there any way I can turn in the quest and get my reward?
Also... is the bank gone?
@SetDreadsToStun: You can access the bank by clicking the "AP" link next to your AP amount. Sorry, it used to be like that before we got a new map a couple years ago haha.

I'll send you the 5k for the quest. The reward for the first part of the Cassie quest is just cellar access, and that has been removed.
@Brian@ thanks so much for the quick response and for clearing things up!

The staff discord had to suffer this, now so does the rest of the site.
I already loved this dude and then I looked at his wiki page and I just

"Zanris is currently dating Bernadette."


edit: okay more now that I'm not rushing out of the door

-pours one out for the Drakkles Cupcake/Vladimir Plushie/all the others-

Succubus Plushie = A+. It's nice to see Devona again! I missed her. (Who drew that? I didn't see it amongst the other credits but maybe I missed it)

Also the description for the Anishor horn, omg

editedit: Oh, what happened to the other Darryl Cake? (Not the vintage one, the newer one) Asking for the wiki (and for my own interest, of course ).
You murdered my glorious fro items

Also, Luxurious Underwear should be either a weapon and/or edible.
@ORenyRen hey, the Fro Sacred Not-Stone still exists! (for now)

also omg @ the second thing
No plot items available in the shop?
At this time, there are no plans for re-releasing the plot items, sorry about that!
@BELOVED@, I don't see the logic behind that at all :-/
i need a tournament between zanris and fiyero
their shops are right across the street from each other
Does this tournament have anything to do with them both having (had) a relationship with the lovely Bernadette?
um yes i am thirsty for drama between virtual characters that don't exist
This is what Acitius needs!!!
omg Fiyero vs Zanris YESSS

Also I'm glad the plot items aren't going to be re-released, we need *some* rare items. I like that not everything can be obtainable.. idk how to explain it but yeah.. I think it's nice. idk how to put it into words, sorry Heck I don't think the Gromo Plushie/Knight/Rook should be in the shop since they were given out for specific things (altho in all fairness wrt the chess pieces I guess the enigma isn't really running atm so that's fair enough that they're in the shop for now), but that's just me.

Also I think my question got overlooked before but @BELOVED@ (sorry if you're not the right person to ping ^^, who drew the Succubus Plushie? It isn't listed above

And there were two Darryl Cakes before - the Vintage one it says above was changed into the Chocolate Cake Roll, but what happened to the other one? Just wondering for curiosity's sake, and also so I can update the wiki with the info

edit: UGH I always forget that it doesn't like the colons in wiki links. This is the one I'm talking about:
The Succubus Plushie was drawn by @Dragonflight@! The Darryl Cakes were changed to the Dodu Drip Cake and Chocolate Cake Roll.
@BELOVED@ thank you!
@BELOVED@, what's the logic behind not releasing the plot items in this shop?
@ORenyRen: Plot items were meant to be plot specific, and we haven't re-released them in any manner. We don't plan to redraw them or update them unless the art becomes out of date/needs fixing. They won't be re-released. I agree with the sentiment expressed above that we need some rare items. We can't just have everything be re-released and never have any items that are truly retired.
@Brian@, so the new year plushies aren't meant to be exactly that? I am really confused by this logic.
@ORenyRen: No, they aren't. There are hundreds of the new year plushies. The plot prizes are actually rare and will stay rare.
I gotta agree w/ @ORenyRen on this, I don't see why the new year's plushies are available in the shop either. They're specifically released for one year, seems weird to make them widely available like this. (I feel the same about the Gromo Plushie, actually)

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