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Get your thinking caps on everyone!
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Hey all! Maybelline here - just wanted to give you a brief little hello and to let you all know that I will be helping out with the enigmas going forward. I will do my best to help keep your minds sharp with my thrilling puzzles and riddles. As it has been a little while since you've had an enigma, my first gift to you is one that is a bit easy to help you get back into weekly brain busters.

For those who are wondering: @Petaline+ walks a whopping 3 miles a day! Which I must say isn't bad at all. I think I need to meet up with her and start walking more everyday.

The chances of @Elite's fruit being a tall, yellow, spiked plant with small leaves, and having a genotype of AabbCcdd was 0.0156.

Congratulations to all that figured these out and thanks again for being so patient with enigma releases! I look forward to stumping you all later on the future enigmas.

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(derp forgot to comment on this before ^^;

wooo it's awesome to see a new enigma again!! I missed it, even if I am crap at puzzles Grats on getting on staff, @Maybelline@!

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