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Rise and shine, there’s a new tournament!

Last week we were asking the hard questions: is it better to be your own dream come true, or to be as plain and basic as everyone else you know?

In a surprising turn of events, the Default Potion crushed its competition. Literally. It broke the Phantasm Dust, and uh, let’s just say I didn’t know that was what’s inside of those cool bottles.

Please don’t make me talk about it.

Our next challengers have been creating quite a stir in the celeb-o-sphere (I just made that word up - nice, right?) after up and coming entrepreneur and Club Diamond owner Zanris confirmed in a recent interview that he’s dating Colosseum hot shot and lemonade mogul Bernadette. Rumors had been circulating for months when the two were caught by paparazzi outside of Demartio’s on more than one occasion, and now it seems those who still hoped she and Fiyero would get back together are unequivocally crushed and filled with despair at the news.

Some angry shippers (as some famous interweb people have called them) have taken to the comment section in various articles and celebrity gossip sites to reject Bernadette’s choice - and others have come in defense of her innocent relationship with Zanris. What do you think, Acitius? Does Bernadette need to rethink her choice in a man or do we all need to get our noses out of her love life and let her live?

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Let that woman live! We could all take a page from Bernadette's book, know what you want and go get it.
I love Zanris/Bernadette (and yeah! 'Dette can date whoever she wants to, she's her own woman! ) but I've gotta support my dude Fiyero this time, he's one of my fav NPCs
this is the pinnacle of my presence here on acitius

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