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Reel that line in, there’s a tournament on your hook!

Last week we asked aquarists and non-aquarists alike what fish they just had to have in their aquarium. After a week’s worth of intense polling, we have found out the answer to this very hot question. Acitians kingdom-wide voted for the Guppy! Though lionfish are quite beautiful, they are not easy to care for, and, you know, poisonous. Guppies on the other hand are easy to care for, beautiful, and aren't poisonous! A winner all around.

This week’s tournament is inspired by none other than @Tinker+ themself! Tinker sent us a letter requesting a tournament that younger Acitians can be involved in, which we are more than happy to accomodate!

Officer McRuff is a dedicated policeman with many years on the force under her belt. In all her years, she’s always caught criminals, rogues, boogeymen, and all sorts of other ne’er-do-wells. But she may have met her match in Ping Dastardly, a notorious crime lord who has plagued Acitius Kingdom for years. With McRuff on the case, Dastardly has been sent running to the shadows in hopes he isn’t caught.

Dastardly has always been good at disappearing when he needs to. Does McRuff have what it takes to put him behind bars once and for all?

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