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Acitius is for sale!
Posted by:  Brian

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that Acitius is for sale. I am selling the site for a few reasons, so I'll go into those here before discussing any possible sale. Basically, shortly after I purchased the website from Ace/Darryl back in March 2017, I started looking for a new layout designer. We ended up kind of having one fall into our lap by way of a former staff member in April 2017, and she quickly got to work on a new layout for the site that would be mobile friendly and much more functional than either of the current layouts. All of the staff were really excited for this, but unfortunately the layout designer got pretty busy with real life and was unable to complete the layout. As I've said repeatedly both publicly and privately: This is totally understandable, as real life should come first over an online game that she was volunteering on. Eventually, in January of this year, I decided to move on from waiting for that layout and consider other options. I started looking into what it would cost to get a similar layout designed, and after soliciting bids on a number of websites, as well as talking to several web designers, it became clear that the layout we were looking to buy would cost upwards of $2,000. The site has been consistently losing money, and I'm not really in a position to invest an additional $2,000+ into the site at this time.

Additionally, I have been kind of an absentee owner and administrator for repeated periods since buying the site, and I don't see that changing. I believed that it would change when I moved a few months ago, but unfortunately, it has not changed, and in fact, I have spent even less time on Acitius. We have a number of dedicated staff members who have, I believe, all felt at times somewhat defeated by our lack of a programmer and our inability to get major tasks done on the site. We had a lot of great ideas behind the scenes, and we tried to release new content, but our ability to do that was definitely limited by the lack of a programmer. Before anyone comments on this post, I know there were some people who volunteered publicly to help with programming for the site, but we didn't have anyone come forward who clearly had a strong command of the programming languages the site uses, and we didn't want to bring on someone who has learned a little of some of the coding languages, as that essentially describes the skills of Caspian and I.

With regard to the sale of the site, I am looking for someone who can either design a new layout or purchase a new layout. I'd like to hear about the ideas you have for the site, and how you would achieve them. Since it is a sale, any monetary offer for the site does matter, but I won't just take the highest bid. I'd really like to know I'm putting the site in better hands than it is in at the moment. If you are interested in buying the site, mail me. If you're a legitimate bidder and have some good ideas for the site, I'm happy to discuss more specifics with you regarding what would come with the sale of the site.

Finally, there has been talk previously of shutting down the site. This was something that was discussed and strongly considered internally amongst the staff a few months ago. The reason I am choosing to go with a sale at this time, instead of trying to shut down the site, is because I think the site could still be "revived" or even thrive with the right owner. That owner is someone who is willing to invest both time and money into the site, and that owner, unfortunately, isn't me.

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Well, fair enough. Thanks for letting us know and for agreeing not to shut down the site (at least, not yet).
And if there is no valid bidder to buy the site?
Thanks for sticking it out as long as you all did. Sorry things came to this, I'm sure it's a tough decision to make. Finger's crossed someone talented and business savvy scoops us up.
Thank you for letting us all know I've loved this site for YEARS and I'm really crossing my fingers for a great future for it.
@Viciousfox - We will cross that bridge if we come to it. I definitely don't want to shut the site down, but I don't want to guarantee that will absolutely not happen either. I think there will be a valid bidder haha.
@Brian I do hope so. Sorry to see you give up the site, but I understand the issues, and need to do so. Thank you for the survice you have provided us thus far.
Unfortunately, I've witnessed the death of a beloved forum/pet site before. I've had fears about this for a while. Though it does bring me some relief that you've decided to try to sell the site first, I can't help but imagine the worst... Here's hoping for better days for Acitius!
i'd probably have the financial means to support the site, but i lack the programming knowledge or the constant dedication. i can see where $2000 can be a big obstacle, specially when you're losing money supporting it . and really, why would you want to fork over that much and not know if you'll even have a return on it, its too much of a risk. Acitius has a lot of problems in it with its functionality that need to be address in a certain order for it to be a self sustaining site before you could even start with a new layout. It needs more activity ( small fresh things that are do-able) and certainly has to be done regularly and push through the dry spells. In the end, i know there is a core group of us that love this site and certainly, "Amz" still has many charms for new people but id like to see what kind of growth does a usual 'pet site' in 2018 normally get? How much of a chance do we have not given competition; but just popularity of a genre of entertainment?
I really hope you find a good buyer. I've loved this site for a long time and it will always hold a special place to me and many others. I've made many friends through here and I would hate to see the site shut down.

You've done an amazing job so far, I hope you and all the staff know this.
I bid $50 that's all I have. Unfortunately jokes aside, I hope the site stays up. I know hosting is expensive but we reaaaaaaaally wanna keep acitius alive!
Ah, dang. Sorry to hear that the website redesign fell through; that's a huge bummer.

Thank you for being so open and transparent about the state of the site and its future, though. Fingers crossed that things are able to turn around.
I don't have any experience with buying a site but I would love to take it if there does happen to be no valid buyer I can offer a decent amount of money. I personally am still only learning programming but I have some friends who are better with it and I have a design sense aesthetically so maybe that could work? Though I'm not super experienced of course so treat this as a just-in-case offer
Thanks for letting us know what has been going on. I hope you really do find a legitimate buyer for the site and that they can revive it.
I have no knowledge of how to rebuild the site, but I have funds, time, and desire - I suppose three out of four isn't bad, but hopefully someone out there hits all the marks.
If for some reason the buyer you seem to have in mind never makes an appearance, maybe update us all again and we can come up with some sort of co-ownership bid.
It's too bad Amz doesn't have like - a patreon site or something where those who wish to donate monthly could; and maybe that would help with the constant desire of users to know what's going on/planned and whatnot and add the possibility for polls for things as well.

Either way thanks for the update, as sad as it is it's nice to be kept in the loop rather than just trying to log on and find the unthinkable
The website itself isn't worth that much. I think last I checked it was worth about $1600 but I could be wrong.
I have the ideas, drive and time to put back into the site, but not the money or the know-how at the moment, which is a huge bummer becuase I would take it in a heartbeat
I just popped in to see how things were going and oof. I hope someone nice buys the site and keeps it going!

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