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Announcing: an Acitius Livestream!
Posted by:  ELLIOTT

Hello, Acitians! After a few years of being camera shy, several members of the Acitius staff will once again be hosting an exciting livestream event for all users to participate in.
Join @ELLIOTT, @Rat, @amelia, and @shamurai on June 7th at 6pm AST to chat, play games, and, most importantly, win awesome prizes!

*Please note that this event will be held at so in order to participate, you will need to have a working Twitch account (this account does not need to have the same name as your Acitius username -- we’ll ask who you are if we don't know!). While you are welcome to watch the stream as a guest (without an account), you will be unable to comment in chat and you will therefore be unable to win any prizes!

We hope to see you all there, and happy June!

Comments (10)

Look at that adorable art! I'm super excited for the Livestream!
omfg this art
that art aaa
but this is so lit i love watching twitch streams
@BELOVED@ @Brian@ @Rin
Isn't it the cutest!? @Rat drew it specifically for this news post!
So talented, loving you!
Oh heck yes I am so there
Holy heck, I want that Mequar. So freaking cute!
Very excited for next Wednesday!
This is gonna be fun!

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