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Grab your lint roller, there’s a new tournament!

Last week we watched the fur start a-flyin’ as Felynx Bobblehead and Felynx Plushie went head to head in a battle of epic proportions to decide once and for all which one was cuter, and thus more deserving of being on your car’s dashboard. Or it would have been a battle of epic proportions had Felynx Plushie not simply sat there and batted Felynx Bobblehead’s head continuously until it got bored, at which point it simply knocked Felynx Bobblehead out of the ring with a simple bat of its very adorable paw. As a result, Felynx Plushie is the winner!

I was visiting @Grandma at the old folks home the other day, and in the other room we heard the residents getting riled up. Curious, I went to investigate. In the dining area, several grandpas and grandmas were in a very heated debate over which of the daily specialties - Raisins and Sawdust Soup - was better. I was quite taken aback; both are quite awful, actually, and I’m pretty sure no one should be eating them! Nevertheless, this didn’t stop those seniors’ argument one bit!

So what do you say, Acitians? Can we settle this debate once and for all, and then promptly eat neither?

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*table flip*
is @grandma related to @dad

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