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Just a little Tinkerin'
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Anyone else still jazzed up from the Twitch Stream a couple of days ago? I know I am. It was a lot of fun to see and interact with the other staff as well as the other members! I can’t wait till the next one.

Oh that’s right… what you’re actually here for; the new Enigma! I actually had a lot of fun coming up with this one. It’s has a lot of fun shapes and colors to hopefully keep you busy for a little while!

As a little warning for next week’s Enigma, it may run for two weeks unlike the normal one week schedule. This will be the most elaborate Enigma I have personally made yet. With that being said this is not so difficult where I will allow collaboration to solve it. I will decide if it will run for the additional second week depending on how many submit answers to it and any feedback received once it’s launched. I will post the verdict in the News so you’re not left wondering what was decided. I just don’t want any of you to feel rushed when trying to solve it as it will be pretty lengthy. Stay tuned!

I have posted the solution to the last Enigma below.

25 people participated and 16 got it correct

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Anyone who is partially colored blind like myself, I can create a patterned version of this week's enigma if that will help you out! Just message me and good luck to everyone!
The new enigma looks like lots of fun!!
It was a lot of fun! Assuming I got it right (hue) it didn't really take that long, maybe an hour of concentration if that. I also appreciate that you could take it in paint and just paintbucket it to work it out.
Finally got the Dazed and Confused achievement. I completely forgot about it for a while.

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