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Grab your walker and some peppermints, because there’s a brand new tournament!

Old people have a tendency to like the grossest, most blandest things - but even our last two challengers were a whole new level of awful. We watched in agony as @Grandma’s fellow residents got into it over which food was worse better, and the dentures came out and the oxygen masks got removed. Truly a frightening sight.

I grabbed a pen and paper and began tallying the votes of each resident, and it appears Sawdust Soup is the victor! It looks like even seniors prefer literal wood shavings over raisins; I can’t say I blame them.

And thankfully, I’m pleased to report no one broke a hip or slipped a disk during the debate.

I was having brunch with Nickels at Cafe de Petaline the other day, and the topic of @Jack+’s fascination with WSG came up. I asked him why Jack only wants WSG when AP is much more abundant in the kingdom. Nickels’ reply was simply that Jack prefers it because of its rarity compared to AP, and implied Jack may even simply collect it. That’s silly, I said. Why would he fork over valuable items for a currency only he wants just to collect it?

This got me thinking. Many citizens like to trade AP for WSG and vice versa, and some will only trade items for WSG! What’s so great about it? What do you think, Acitians? Do you prefer WSG or are you more sensible and prefer AP?

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