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Ready your coin purses, there’s a brand new tournament in town!

Money is the root of all evil. Or something. Basically, it means people will do some awful things just to get money. Take @Jack+ for example; he makes you spend your hard earned real life AP in exchange for goods and services only he provides. Pretty evil, right? That’s why Acitius Points won by a landslide!

I mean, come on. You can buy anything with it - even WSG! That’s why AP is superior to WSG. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some hard earned real life AP to spend on getting some WSG.

I was thinking the other day - as I’m wont to do - about our local celebrity chef, @Giuseppe+. He’s reportedly the best in the business, and uses only the best ingredients from Bok’s Grocery Store. But he doesn’t really have any competition, does he? Not directly, anyway. Bok has Boris. Aethelia has Victoire. Tinker also has Victoire. Then it dawned on me - Giuseppe has @Demartio+!

These two aren’t fighting - actually, rumor has it they might even be dating, but you didn’t hear that from me; I’m just arbitrarily pitting them against each other.

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gotta go for the gordon ramsay of acitius

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