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Who Let This Dog In?
Posted by:  Piinke@

Everyone come say hello to the new Default Ferro!

This pupper was done by the everwonderful @MONSTER@

While we're releasing an enchantment I would also like to announce the retirement of two species. The Merity and Vogul are being permanently retired from the site, meaning their artwork will no longer be displayed on Acitius. If you are an active user, you will have two weeks to contact staff to make arrangements for pet replacements. I do apologize if you have one of these pets and are attached, but it was a stipulation of the site sale and we don't have any wiggle room where this issue is concerned.

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is there a specific place we should contact staff for a pet replacement? should it just be through private message? and what kind of replacement are we talking...?
Although the quality of the art is really great, I don't like the new style of "hyper realistic" crossed with "cartoony". I feel like it won't translate well to a lot of the enchantments, and so far the two species that have been revamped have gone from looking cute to looking a lot more aged. I don't think that's a great choice for a pet site, especially one that's as nostalgic as Acitius. This doesn't really read as "ferro" anymore; instead, it's more like "yellow dog". Not to mention I'm concerned about what Tinker is going to look like, as a storybook ferro...

Style choice aside, the ferro's back lefthand leg also has some anatomy issues and needs a second pass over; I'm not at home so I can't offer a redline but the haunch and foot bone seem to be at different angles?
@BoyHowdy Yes, through PM. You can have any other species and enchantment combo or, alternatively, we will provide SD for a custom pet.

@ELLIOTT This is the direction all of the art is going in. Unfortunately we can't suite everyone's personal taste.
@Piinke@ could i get the SD even if i don't intend to make a custom pet with it? i'm happy with what i have now pet-wise (aside from losing my merity) so a replacement pet isn't an attractive option to me, but i would like to be compensated somehow.

posting this here instead of in a PM so people don't have to ask the same question multiple times; i figure that's easier for everyone!
It looks cute as fudge. I cant wait to see how the enchantments will look and if theyll be wild in comparison, I kind of imagine evee evolution kind of deal, either way great job @MONSTER@
@BoyHowdy Absolutely. We'll send that to you this evening.
@Piinke@ For both my Merity pets, I would like a SD compensation as well, there isn't any other pet I would like in place of them.
@Piinke@ thanks for the quick response!
@Viciousfox and @BoyHowdy SD has been distributed.
Thank you, @Maybelline@
Jeisabelle has the Merity unlocked on her but she's a seregan currently, would I be eligible since it's part of her? Or would it just be removed from her?
@Caelie I would say since the option is being taken away you would still be allowed something. PM either myself or Maybelline when you're ready.
Would we be keeping the names of our removed pets? I'm more than willing to accept SD for them, but I don't want to lose the names themselves. >>;;
Specifically Bowie. I don't mind losing Martini.
...Maybe I can just take SD for one and plan something to replace with the other...
@jollyhotty You could keep the name with a placeholder pet until you decide what you want to do with it permanently.
It feels like there isn't quite enough shading on this Ferro's chest to match its belly and tail. I also have to echo Elliott's sentiment that something is off about that back leg.
@Piinke@ SD would be fine!
Nice work, @MONSTER@!
Gotta admit that I didn't know Meritys and Vogals existed. But I DO love the new pupper!
Hey, I sent Maybelline a PM about this a few days ago but have yet to receive a response. I'm in no rush but just don't want to be out of luck since the two weeks are wrapping up?
Wow this art is amazing! I think it's the best so far. Hope all the art goes this way!
@Piinke@ / @Maybelline@
I contacted Piinkie regarding my Merity as well much like Sarrfur and didn't get a response. It is technically after the two weeks but I never received a response
any update on when these species will actually be removed from the site?
What was the reason the Merity and Vogul were removed? I was waiting for the chance to own a Merity for so long...

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