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Adoption Month
Posted by:  Maybelline@

It's finally August!

August is National Pet Adoption Month here in the Acitius Kingdom! Have you stopped by the Pet Sales to see what pets are available to pick up? There are a lot of new arrivals that need your love. Yes, we all love the little baby pets but what about the older ones? They deserve just as much love and attention as the young’ins. Pets located on the sales page are looking for someone like you to love them forever. You can really make a difference in a pet’s life so please stop by today and see what you can do!

On the flip side we know times can be tough; perhaps your shop has fallen on hard times and you can’t afford to feed your 18 felynxs anymore or perhaps your stryk is bored and lonely at home because you work all day. Well you also can stop by the Pet Sales and give your little one a better opportunity. We know you love them and we promise to make sure they go to a great home!

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I want to mention, because I forgot. But the adoption fee to put your pet up for sale has been dropped from 5% - 3% for the rest of the month!
I know this isn't meant to be funny, but I laughed cause I actually do have exactly 18 felynx.
You don't need more pets @Rat, you don't...
@Rita. it's ok I chuckled to myself as I wrote it. I just guessed a random number for them haha
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Curse you for making me look. I haven't started on revamping any of my current pets and impulse bought someone with the name of an old OC. I just hope there won't be a disappointed gem fan out there.

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