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Mmmm. Honey.
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Hello everyone! It is that time again for another round of playing detective and digging up some information for me! Good luck and be careful on this week’s Enigma as the answer must be formatted just right to be correct! No exceptions.

Other than that I’ve got nothing to report except that, I am still working on the final details of the first Super Enigma and I am hoping to release it during the next holiday event! Please be patient with me if it doesn’t get released day one of the new event; as there are a lot of things to be implemented for it. I will be creating a thread to be used as a way to have a discussion amongst you all and maybe release some clues. There still will be NO posting of answers (anywhere on the site) but I will allow the discussion of possible theories.

From the border of above; the correct answer to the last Enigma was Earth, Ice, Water. You all got the answer very quickly, so I have high hopes that you all will get the next one just as quick!

13 people participated and 13 got it correct

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It is so weird to go that far back in the News
Yes I know. I can't believe how long it's been since things were released.

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