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Let’s make some waves, there’s a new tournament!

Last week, we saw two glorious wedding rings go for the gold. You might think that sapphires are made of tougher stuff than pearls, but the Pearl Wedding Ring was declared victorious on account of elegance in design and perfect form. I suppose that which ring is “best” is purely subjective here, but I’m sure Lani will be seeing more people go for the pearl now that it has a championship to its name.

With all this debate about rings going around, Molokai sat up and took notice, presenting two of his delicious wares to our competitive ranks! Currently on sale are two delightfully fishy sushi dishes, based on two of our favorite aquatic species.

But tell me, citizens, which do you prefer? Laughing Mierra Roll or Lumineel Nigiri?

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I totally would eat the Laughing Mierra Roll
I used to own the pet Molokai! :3

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