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May 31st, 2019
Festival Conclusion
Posted by:  Qiao+

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the end of the Firebird Festival. We seregans must return to our homes, as close or as far as they may be. But do not weep, dear Acitians! We will return once more next year. Until then, stay safe, laugh often, and enjoy yourselves at every possible moment!

As for the sweet little Plush Tournament, I am glad that it ended in a tie!

Until we meet again. Farewell!
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Forums Down
Posted by:  Piinke@

Since no one seems to be capable of respecting long standing site rules, the forums will be down until I am back from vacation on Wednesday. Please refer to the site rules before communicating with others. If you cannot adhere to them you will be muted. Any form of communication that instigates drama, is inflammatory, or is intended to start an argument will not be tolerated. Spam and harassment will be not tolerated. For those who actually want to play this game, I am sorry this is affecting you.
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May 27th, 2019
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

4 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 11 lemons traded in, @Introverted's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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May 21st, 2019
Ribbon Ceremony
Posted by:  Maybelline@


Welcome everyone to the new layout! It took some time but we're excited to move forward with new content now that we're done! I've created a thread in the suggestions forum for any bugs or weird things you come across. Please keep in mind that this is not a suggestions thread; it is specifically for bugs or errors you might come across.

During our downtime we have updated the site rules, which you must accept to be able to play. We have decided to tighten the reins on custom characters. Please be sure to read through everything carefully. In accordance with the new custom pet rules, any users that were found in violation of said rules are given the opportunity to change their custom pets image for free or have it default to the original pet after the allotted 2 week timeline. If the image is not changed by users choice at the end of the timeframe, an SD (WSG formally) half refund will be given.

An example of a custom pet that is not acceptable under the new rules is Ein. It's a character from a mainstream anime. Its art doesn't deviate enough to not pose a copyright issue.

An example of a custom pet that is acceptable is Control. The idea of a chief wolf may not be new; its design is completely original.

Some of you may have noticed that WSG no longer shows along with your AP. Do not fret, WSG has now become Stardust (SD).
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Art Overhaul
Posted by:  Maybelline@

As you've already seen, all art on the site is getting a facelift. Our main explore maps have been redone, courtesy of @Shyads. Our NPCs are in the process of updating right now, and if you check out the NPC shops on mobile you'll see the contributions @Fanta has added. Could there be teasers to some new content that may be coming? I guess you'll have to stay tuned and do some exploring.

Remember the shop name contest we had? The winning names we picked are below with who suggested them. Winners (staff excluded) will be given 5 lemons and 1 gamma potion, as promised! Everyone who made a suggestion will receive 1 lemon.

Chop Shop - Spirit
Frisky Business - Doodle
Full Bloom - Nya
The Lab - Nov
Mortar and Pestle - Maybelline
Sword and Shield - Nov
What Ales You - Plushie

Other Participants
Pawskie, Kaldorei, Charles, Jake, Ribbonseason

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The Firebird Festival Rises Again
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Just as the winter becomes the spring and life begins anew, we once again welcome the Seregans to Acitius Kingdom! We Seregans will be excited to wander around your kingdom once more, offering our wares for you to purchase. During the festival we like to celebrate life and revitalization and as such you can now adopt Seregans again in unlimited quantities during the festivities.

Bok, Boris, Fiyero, Melvil, Roscoe and Tinkers Shops have been getting shipments of our goods so you should stop by and support your visiting Seregans.

Visit here to see a full list of the holiday shop items.

Along with our classic wares available, we also have brought you a new food that has a plethora of life supporting nutrients. We have partnered with @Bok+ to have these be available all year round in his shop. These nutrageous delights are called pecans.

You better dust off your fishing rods and head over to your local watering hole to pick up these beauties. They've once again had a chance to spawn and populate your waterways. Bread crumbs are one of their favorite foods.

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Let the Games Begin!
Posted by:  Maybelline@

Be sure to check out the Tournament during this festival for the Seregan Plushie Bracket Showdown. 7 Plushies, 6 days and only 1 can come out on top. Our first round contestants are the (Default) Seregan Plushie and the Fire Seregan Plushie. Then on deck waiting their turn are Wind vs Voltage Seregan Plushie.



The new layout also called for a new Enigma. This one was designed with computer coding in mind. ;]
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May 6th, 2019
Lemon Lottery!
Posted by:  Acitius_Staff@

8 different users entered the Lemon Lottery this week, but there can only be one winner!

Out of 27 lemons traded in, @Orc's lemon was chosen!

Congratulations on netting a whopping 150,000 AP!
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May 2nd, 2019
Down Time
Posted by:  Maybelline@

We will be taking the site down Saturday morning through Sunday to roll out updates! Thanks for your understanding.
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May 1st, 2019
May Day
Posted by:  Maybelline@

May Day, May Day it's a Maybelline Day! It's a day full of maypoles and mayhem. Even though there will be no mayonnaise on sandwiches, we don't have to be dismayed. For I have a plan to maybe take away those April blues with an announcement of an update to the site coming real soon!

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