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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to explain our privacy practices and inform you as to: (1) which kinds of personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") we collect from visitors of; (2) how that information is collected; (3) how we use Personal Information; (4) under which circumstances we disclose Personal Information to third parties; (5) how you can manage any Personal Information collected about you by us; and (6) how we try to protect your Personal Information.

When registering at Acitius, we collect: (1) your email address; (2) the country which you reside in; and (3) your date of birth.
When using the Webshop (Acitius' donation shop), we do not collect any Personal Information. We use a third party, PayPal, Inc. ("PayPal") for all transactions. As such a policy exists, we do not have access to your credit card number(s), bank account information, or any other sort of Personal Information except what you choose to share with us via PayPal. Please read PayPal's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for further details on how they operate.
Furthermore, when anyone visits Acitius, we collect some non-identifiable information about that person, such as which operating system they are using, which web browser they are using, and their IP address.

Your email address is used to send you emails if you forget your username or password so that you may continue to access your account. We may from time to time send out important emails. Should we choose to send out emails, they will be infrequent and important and you are highly urged to read them.
We will never give or sell your information to any third party except when required to aid in a governmental investigation or when required to by law. We may also release your information whenever we believe disclosure is necessary to limit our legal liability; to protect or defend our rights or property; or protect the safety, rights, or property of our visitors or others.
Anything that you do on Acitius including, but not limited to, mail, forum posts, and user profile comments, is viewable and readable by staff.

Acitius may contain user-posted links to other websites. Third party sites may have policies that are different than our own. It is your responsibility to read them and abide by them while on their site.

Should any of your information become outdated or incorrect, change it at the Edit Profile page. If there is any information that you cannot change on that page, please contact Piinke immediately.

Acitius uses cookies to store encrypted member information. No personal information is gathered through these cookies.

We have put into place a number of measures to prevent your personal information from being compromised. We prefer not to mention them to further protect your privacy.
You may choose to hide certain pieces of information on the Edit Profile page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 1, 2017 and became effective upon its publication on that date.
6,023 Members
0 users online (view)
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