Owner:  Rin

Desolate the Cynical Phantasm Mequar
Lv.14 Warrior (Next 300 XP)

100% Full / 100% Happy

Relationship: Dating

Born on 07/30/2014
HP: 125/125MP: 3/3INT: 7
STR: 15 (+6)END: 12 (+3)DEX: 11 (+6)AGI: 14MAG: 12 (+5)
Acc: 33Eva: 35MAcc: 34MEva: 22

25 0 5 0
0 -25 0 0

Blow Dart (Main Hand)
Level 12
Engaj's Mask (Armor)
DEF+13 HP+3 Acc+2 Attack+1
Daytime: HP+2
Level 11 Warrior
Fire Star (Accessory)
DEF+4 STR+3 +5
Level 8

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Desolate is a character based off a hero from the moba Dota 2. His character quite resembles Templar Assassin.

Desolate is a guard of the Hidden Temple. Although he found these secrets, it was not through magic and alchemy like Lanaya did, but through strength and hardship. He does in fact protect these secrets but will stop at nothing to crush his opponents whether they are after the Hidden Temples secrets or not. He will destroy anyone in his way with no regard.

Desolate and Lanaya happen to be very close friends and spar with each other quite often. As the guards of the secrets they spent all their time together, Desolate came to fall in love with Lanaya but could never be. He found it unnecessary to hold a relationship while protecting the secrets and in constant battle.

After years of protecting the secrets he eventually fled, leaving Lanaya by herself. He did not feel regret after doing so but he did feel lonely. He did not need to protect the secrets anymore but he was still ruthless and cynical when encountering unwanted people.

Battle name - Templar Warrior
Age - Unknown
Gender - Male
Race - Protoss
Hair - Dark Red
Eyes - Red
Occupation - None, Wandering

(Image done by @MONSTER@)