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Naphiel the Overzealous Storybook Felynx
Lv.7 Warrior (Next 115 XP)

100% Full / 100% Happy

Relationship: Single & Not Looking
Born on 01/17/2010
HP: 91/106MP: 1/1INT: 0
STR: 11 (+2)END: 8 (+2)DEX: 11 (+3)AGI: 12 (+5)MAG: 6 (+2)
Acc: 19Eva: 20MAcc: 17MEva: 11

0 20 0 3
25 0 0 -25

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Profile Under Construction!
Naphiel. French. Petite. Flirty. Sweet.
Might custom her for a beret. :3
Naphiel is a petite yet curvy french... cat. O-o She has long rich, chocolate brown curls that fall just past her shoulders, straight cut bangs at her brow, and a black beret on her head almost 100% of the time. Her eyes are emerald green and a little too big for her head, almost like the new Cheshire. Her outfit is comprised of a scoopneck "jailbird" grey and white striped t-shirt, its sleeves 3/4, and khaki capris that go a little past her knees. She doesn't wear shoes. Ever. >>