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nick the Optimistic Barbarian
Lv.7 Warrior (Next 46 XP)

0% Full / 0% Happy

Relationship: Single & Not Looking
Born on 06/04/2009
HP: 83/83MP: 0/0INT: 0
STR: 4END: 4 (+2)DEX: 3AGI: 4MAG: 2 (+3)
Acc: 15Eva: 16MAcc: 15MEva: 9

26 26 26 26
26 26 46 26

I found this fellow picking around in some trash after the kingdom crashed. I called him over to me and told him to get me some lunch or else I'd whack him! He sniffed me and made a few guttural noises, so I whacked in the head with my cane and he's been with me ever since.

I named him after a rude whippersnapper.