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Oleander the Sassy Phantasm Heliax
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Born on 02/19/2019
HP: 85/85MP: 32/33INT: 0
STR: 9 (+2)END: 10DEX: 10AGI: 8MAG: 7 (+5)
Acc: 15Eva: 14MAcc: 13MEva: 8

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0 -25 20 0

Eathel Yurral | Bard | 5'6 | 20 | Dwarvish and Elvish | Princess of Vaasa 

"I want things to be perfect for when I am gone, for now, they don't need to worry that I am sick."

Eathel Is overworked and exhausted most of the time. She mainly does the public face work and writes treaties between Vaasa and their allies. Her older brother Tavius offers to take on in-person treaty-writing when her energy levels are too low.

Eathel often falls asleep during family dinners and has been known to write long and difficult legal documents from the relative comfort of her bed.

She is infected with an inert form of the wasting which she caught on an expedition up north and she will die from it (Except in Vaasa-Takes-Over AU where she is cured by Echo). The wasting is what causes her unending tiredness, and it has ruined many of her internal organs. Even after being cured, children born by her have horrific malformities including many many sets of eyes, too many limbs and facelessness.

Eathel harbours a crush that is never acted upon for the Raven Mellios until she learns that his general politeness and kind behaviour is a front in a chance meeting late at night in the palace kitchens. In the Vaasa-Takes-Over AU Eathel ends up happily married to Raven Nicomedes, Mellio's older brother.

She has sharp features, long blonde hair often braided coaxed into a half-braid and hazel eyes. Unhealthily thin and bird-like in her frailness because of the affliction.

Plays the Gittern and Hurdy Gurdy. Does not have a lovely singing voice and never learned to dance.

Artwork by Racquel