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Shallow the Cruel Storybook Casroyel
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Relationship: Dating

Born on 03/28/2015
HP: 87/87MP: 32/32INT: 1
STR: 6 (+3)END: 11 (+3)DEX: 6 (+6)AGI: 6MAG: 11 (+5)
Acc: 9Eva: 9MAcc: 11MEva: 7

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25 0 0 -25

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Megumi Kitagawa

Megumi Kitagawa is a model for multiple young adult clothing lines. Because of how she was treated as a child for being ugly and plain, she developed a hatred for everyone. However, she uses an innocent facade on the outside to cover those feelings. When Megumi was younger, her classmates would mock her for her long legs and make remarks about how ugly and plain she was. She was always seen in the back of the classroom; when somebody asked why, one of her friends stated it was because she was the poorest and ugliest of the class. After tiring of the insults, she one day tries to use her mom's makeup to make herself beautiful. This resulted in her friends not recognizing her and trying to become her friend.

Name - Megumi Kitagawa
Age - 17
Gender - Female
Lover - Kai Takemura
Occupation - Model/Highschool student

( Picture drawn by @yunixis :> )