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Shinichi the Gruff Wind Tigrex
Lv.5 Warrior (Next 17 XP)

100% Full / 100% Happy

Relationship: Married
(January 6th, 2016)

Born on 08/13/2014
HP: 93/93MP: 3/3INT: 2
STR: 8 (+3)END: 11 (+3)DEX: 7 (+6)AGI: 10MAG: 8 (+5)
Acc: 13Eva: 15MAcc: 14MEva: 9

0 0 0 -25
0 0 0 25

Whip (Main Hand)
Level 4

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Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo is the high school detective protagonist of the manga and anime Detective Conan. While on a date with his childhood friend and romantic interest Ran Mouri, Shinichi encounters two men from a secret criminal organization who force feed him a strange poison that causes his body to shrink back to first grade age. Shinichi takes up the alias Conan Edogawa and plans to use his immense skill as a detective to make Ran's bumbling private detective father famous in hopes that he will find a case involving the secret organization so he can expose its crimes and acquire an antidote that will turn him back into a teenager.

At the beginning of the Detective Conan series, Shinichi is a 17-year old student at Teitan High School who has become famous for helping the Tokyo police solve murder mysteries. Shinichi was born to Yusaku Kudo, a mystery writer, and Yukiko Kudo, a former movie star.

Name - Shinichi Kudo
Age - 17
Gender - Male
Lover - Ran Mouri
Occupation - High School Detective