Owner:  Rin

Yukine the Anti-Social Autumn Kangur
Lv.11 Warrior (Next 185 XP)

100% Full / 100% Happy

Relationship: Single & Not Looking
Born on 08/03/2014
HP: 114/114MP: 18/22INT: 6
STR: 12 (+3)END: 12 (+3)DEX: 11 (+6)AGI: 13 (+1)MAG: 7 (+6)
Acc: 27Eva: 28MAcc: 25MEva: 16

4 25 0 -5
0 0 6 0

Whip (Main Hand)
MP+4 +3
Level 4
Celestial Shield (Off-Hand)
Daytime: STR-1
Nighttime: DEF+1 +4
Level 4
Rain Charm (Accessory)
DEF+3 AGI+1 MAG+1 HP+1 +2
MP+5 +1
Level 3

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"I am just a sword"

Yukine is a fourteen year old boy who was formerly an uncorrupted wandering spirit after his death. Yukine was transformed into a Shinki, a regalia, by a god named Yato. He is now spiritually bonded with Yato and only serves him. Yukine and Yato share thoughts, feelings, and desires. Although Yukine can be overrun with greed and deceit, he will always be loyal to those who are his friends.

Yukine had a devistating death, making him very closed up and lonely. He only opens up to his two great companions; Yato and Hiyori. He may be socially awkward and shy but he can be very warm and friendly when he is close to someone.

Age - 14
Gender - Male
Race - Shinki
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Orange
Occupation - Yato's lead Shinki